VersaClimber Review
Value For Money6
Storage & Assembly8
8.3Overall Score

With the significant improvement in the home fitness industry, consumers now have the opportunity to workout at their leisure in the comfort of their living room. Vertical climbers are an excellent way to lose fat and get fit with just a few short sessions a week.

VersaClimber is marketed as a high-end brand and in this review; we look at the ‘H’ models which are for consumers and NOT the commercial machines you may see in the gym.

What is VersaClimber H?

It is the consumer model of VersaClimber and features the 108H and 108HP vertical climber machines which are designed for home use only. It is designed to provide you with a total body workout in a very small space. Unlike other machines such as treadmills, stair climbers and bikes, the VersaClimber H models incorporate all the body’s major muscle groups in a single session.

Its manufacturer, Heart Rate Inc. sells a variety of machines to gyms all over the United States and now it has expanded its reach into the home.


  • Compact: You can use a VersaClimber H on floor space of just 36 x 44 inches.
  • Versatility: There is a variable step height of 1 inch to 20 inches so you can vary the difficult of your sessions. The display module offers 3 operating modes; Standard, Program and Racemodes. There are 16 different programs in total.
  • Metrics: You can measure time, distance, calorie burn rate and a lot more besides.
  • Dimensions: The H models are 90 inches high and weigh 86 pounds. They can hold users weighing up to 350 pounds.
  • Warranty: 3 years limited warranty, 1 year parts & labour.

Is The VersaClimber Effective? How Does It Work?

It is arguably the most versatile piece of fitness equipment on the market. It is possible to vary the load between arms and legs, pull/push from either side and you can even target your quadriceps if you want to really challenge yourself and feel some pain.

The angle is ideal and the pedals and grips adjust to three positions which can accommodate climbers of almost any height. With multiple programs and variable step height, there are few limits to what you can achieve fitness wise on this model.

According to the manufacturers of VersaClimber, this machine burns over 200% more calories than a typical treadmill. While we can’t say this is 100% accurate, research does suggest a full body workout machine such as a vertical climber will inevitably burn more calories than bikes, treadmills or stairs. This is especially the case if you elect to perform interval training which is an excellent use of a VersaClimber H machine.

Rating: 10/10

Value For Money

This is a tricky one. On one hand, it is extraordinarily expensive for a piece of home fitness equipment. If you are a beginner, your best option would be a lower cost vertical climber as it provides you with a good workout for a fraction of the price of a VersaClimber H.

On the other hand, it is the ideal piece of equipment for a serious climber or athlete who needs a full body workout in the off-season. It will last for years and gives you an exceptional workout while also enabling you to track your progression. However, it is only really a justifiable expense if you can’t make it to a gym or your local facility doesn’t have a vertical climber.

Rating: 6/10

Storage & Assembly

It comfortably fits in homes with an 8 foot ceiling when in use as its total height is 90 inches. Its base covers 36 x 44 inches on your floor and it can be folded up and stored away neatly.

Unlike the lower cost vertical climbers on the market, the VersaClimber requires some assembly with tools such as hex key and open end wrenches required. You can find detailed assembly instructions on the VersaClimber website.

Rating: 8/10


VersaClimber H is constructed from durable high grade aluminium and can accommodate climbers who weigh up to 350 pounds. Although it is rather heavy compared to cheaper vertical climbers, it isn’t hard to move around and once you’re on it, you’ll find it is extremely stable.

While the lack of adjustable resistance on the home models is disappointing, the variable step height and program variety more than make up for it. With a 3 year limited warranty and a 1 year warranty on parts and labour, you know the durability of the VersaClimber H can be trusted.

What is surprising is the lack of customer reviews about this particular model. One possible reason is the sheer expense of the machine which is probably holding people back. The few reviews we did read were very complementary of the VersaClimber H. Some customers claimed it was ‘the real deal’ and the ‘best workout machine ever’ while others said it was a worthy investment.

Rating: 9/10


  • It offers a more complete workout than a treadmill, bike or stairs and burns more calories.
  • The movement feels natural and is very low impact.
  • It doesn’t take up much space when in use and is easy to fold and store.
  • The frame is incredibly tough and should last for years.
  • The display unit is at a level you would expect in a commercial gym which makes it easy to track your workouts.


  • It is far too expensive for the vast majority of casual fitness enthusiasts.
  • Unlike its cheaper counterparts, there are no diet/exercise tips as an added bonus.


VersaClimber H is unquestionably one of the best quality vertical climbers on offer. It is made from high grade materials and can accommodate heavier climbers than virtually any other machine. Its display unit is comparable to what you would find in your local gym equipment and it has a number of programming options. If you’re a serious fitness enthusiast, athlete or climber who needs to train at home, this may be the vertical climber of your dreams.

Alas, we can’t recommend it for casual trainees or beginners as it is simply too expensive and the extra cost can’t be justified with high quality alternatives on the market for about one-tenth of the price.

Verdict: 8.3/10

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