Steel Climber Review
Value For Money6
Storage & Assembly7
8.1Overall Score

As the search for the best piece of home fitness equipment rolls on, the Steel Climber has entered the fray in a bid to gain a foothold in the ever lucrative vertical climber market. It offers a complete body workout and best of all; you can work up a real sweat and test your limits in a matter of minutes each day. Below, we take a look at how SteelClimber stacks up against the best in the niche.

What is Steel Climber?

It is a versatile vertical climbing machine that can help you meet your daily workout goals in as little as 10 minutes. It mimics wall climbing and is designed to strengthen the entire body while still being easy on the joints.

According to the manufacturers, SteelClimber is used by professional fighters in the MMA and top hockey players because it provides them with a fast yet brutally effective workout.


  • Adjustable step height of up to 27 inches.
  • Can be bolted to the wall with just two plastic anchors and screws.
  • Uses four industrial sprockets for extra stability.
  • Extenders available for climbers up to 6” 7’.
  • Can fit in rooms with ceilings as low as 7” 1’.

Is The Steel Climber Effective?

The fact it is popular among the police force, fire fighters and MMA fighters suggests the SteelClimber offers a first class workout. There is absolutely little doubt that this piece of fitness equipment can provide you with training sessions to remember.

You have no option but to use your own body strength to operate the machine as there is no method of reducing resistance. As a result, each workout has the feel of climbing a sheer rock face. It will feel as if every muscle in your body is being worked and the cardiovascular benefits are enormous.

The makers of SteelClimber added extra resistance to their machine in 2014 in the form of cranks which can be turned to create friction. Going tight even for one minute is enough to deliver an intense full body workout experience. The 27 inch step will test even the fittest individuals while the handles and foot pedals are comfortable.

In as little as 10 minutes a day you can really push yourself to the limit and not only burn a significant number of calories during the exercise but also after it. Try performing interval training on SteelClimber and your metabolism will receive a timely boost.

Rating: 10/10

Value For Money

SteelClimber is an extremely well made piece of equipment and is as durable a vertical climbing machine as you’re ever likely to find. However, it is very much on the ‘expensive’ side of things. This figure ensures it is cost a lot more than Conquer or MaxiClimber although it is cheaper than VersaClimber H.

It’s also a little disappointing that extras such as Extension Handles for taller users and Reverse Handles for Cross Crawling Motion will cost you even more cash on top of the purchase price. Given the already high price tag there’s no reason why these couldn’t come as part of the package.

Rating: 6/10

Storage & Assembly

Unlike other vertical climbing machines on the market, you can’t ‘store’ SteelClimber away when it’s not in use. This is because it must be mounted onto a wall with anchors and screws. While this makes it more stable than its rivals, this benefit is offset by the permanent nature of the machine.

Not everyone will want to damage their wall by drilling holes so it is probably not a climber for the living room. We would suspect that most users of SteelClimber will fit it in their garage. On the plus side, it doesn’t use much space when set up (38 inches from the wall and 91 inches vertically). You can however shorten the vertical length if you wish.

It can be assembled in 15-20 minutes by anyone with a moderate level of DIY ability.

Rating: 7/10


SteelClimber compares exceedingly well with other vertical climbing machines in this department. The fact it’s mounted to a wall means it provides unmatched stability when working out. It consists of 40 feet of roller chains, 24 wheels (6 per station), 14 steel plates and aluminium tubing 1/8 inches thick all over. It is a climber that could genuinely last for decades if maintained correctly.

Although the maximum user weight is not specified, customer reviews suggest it can hold at least 300 pounds. Given the quality of construction, it can probably hold a lot more. The machine is only available at the official SteelClimber website so you may wish to take the reviews with a pinch of salt (how many companies post negative customer reviews on their websites?) Nonetheless from what we’ve read, SteelClimber does have quite a lot of fans who are willing to pay the high cost of the machine.

Rating: 9.5/10


  • Exceptional durability means you should be able to enjoy SteelClimber for many years.
  • The additional resistance in the form of the crank handles means you can add an extra edge to your training.
  • The 27 inch step height option should challenge your strength and energy levels.
  • It can hold climbers that weigh at least 300 pounds.
  • The fact it needs to be mounted to a wall increases stability.
  • Can be used in ceilings of just 7” 1’.
  • There are added extras for increased versatility of workouts.


  • It is very expensive and may be out of the price range of casual trainees.
  • The machine may be too difficult for complete beginners.
  • It needs to be attached to a wall so there is no storage option.
  • There is a lack of customer reviews away from the main product website.


SteelClimber is a very good vertical climbing machine. It is durable, stable and offers a variety of challenging workout options. However, it isn’t a convenient option for a lot of people since it must be attached to a wall which means you probably need a garage. It’s also very expensive so SteelClimber should only be considered a viable choice for people who are very serious about their fitness.

Rating: 8.1/10

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