Cannabinoids (CBD) are one of the main compounds found in the hemp plant, the other main compound being THC which has psychoactive properties. The CBD industry is young but it is quickly growing and gaining mainstream popularity, due to the benefits associated with it.

Thus, It’s very important to only buy from reputable companies who have third-party testing and Certificates of Analysis (COA) available. Many uncertificated products have been found to have either lower levels of CBD than advertised or none at all as well as other elements, pesticides and metals. For this reason, we advice you to do thorough research into CBD brands before purchasing.

Studies have shown that CBD is a vasorelaxant, this means that it eases tension in the arteries allowing your blood to circulate and flow more freely. It has also been shown to help reduce blood pressure, which in turn relieves stress and fatigue and promotes calming powers. All of these properties obviously help promote a better overall exercise experience.

They have become increasingly popular among many top sports personalities and athletes who have become big advocates of CBD and its ability to reduce stress and anxiety and to offset delayed muscle soreness. Muscle soreness after exercise is caused by the body’s response to healing the microtears in muscles being repaired, thereby building stronger muscle fibres. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the pain without inhibiting the bodies natural processes.

Whether you take CBD before or after exercise, is really a personal choice. Many athletes say there are benefits to both. Exercise puts a strain on your muscles, which causes inflammation and studies have shown that CBD is an anti-inflammatory and analgetic agent thereby using it before exercise may help reduce the inflammation and pain.

It also reduces the levels of cortisol, which is produced during exercising, thereby allowing more protein to be absorbed into the bloodstream. In order to benefit from the CBD it needs to be taken before exercising, capsules can take approximately an hour to take effect, tinctures 30 minutes, topicals 15-30 mins and vapes 2 minutes but it depends very much on the users’ metabolism. The method used also affects the bioavailability of the CBD, that is the amount absorbed into the body, as capsules and edibles only have 4-20% bioavailability compared to 90% for tinctures.

Many athletes say that CBD should be taken after exercising as it promotes quicker recovery by reducing delayed muscle soreness, stress and anxiety. Other benefits are that it reduces chronic aches and pains, promotes sleep and eases competition-related stress.

In conclusion, most athletes agree that it has benefits in being used both before and after exercising and as a result have integrated it into their daily routine. Many use tinctures in the morning when they are quickly absorbed into the body and their effects can last for hours. They then boost this by using various edibles during the day and creams or balms immediately after exercise on the muscles or joints affected. Another big benefit is that athletes can use CBD in place of more traditional chemical-based solutions.

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