Amphipod AirFlow Microstretch Belt

Amphipod AirFlow Microstretch Belt Review

With a huge range of products already on the market, all of which have been received favourably amongst the health-conscious public, Amphipod has long established itself as one of the major forces in the fitnes...
Nathan 5k Runner's Waist Pack Review

Nathan 5k Runner’s Waist Pack Review

Smartphone, I-phones, I-pods and I-pads; it seems as though it has become quite impossible to go through our days without a whole plethora of gadgets and gizmos. Even when exercising, it is difficult to shake t...
Running Buddy "Buddy Pouch"

Running Buddy “Buddy Pouch” Review

Having been awarded the Product Innovation Award at the 2015 International Travel Show, the Running Buddy has certainly staked its claim as one of the most desirable exercise storage products available today. A...

SPIbelt Review

Although exercise belts have long been a near indispensable piece of kit to the serious gym-goer,nowadays the plethora of options on display is quite overwhelming. Each new producer promises comfort, each of th...

FlipBelt Premium Running Belt Review

For everyone from the most casual jogger to the committed cross-country marathon runner, the issue of where to store all those everyday items – wallets, purses, I-pods and I-phones – has long been a common prob...