Lugging around all manner of powders and potions in addition to your daily water bottle has long been the bane of many a serious gym-goer’s existence, not to mention all the bothersome and invariably messy mixing that goes along with it. Two of the new generation of shaker bottles however have sought to address this problem, namely the Umoro One and the Fuel Shaker. Both have been attracting much attention of late, starting their lives as humble Kickstarter projects but have since grown to some of the most sought after products on the health-conscious market. But given their differing appearances and indeed differing price tags, which shaker bottle should you buy?

What about the Umoro One?

As with all shaker bottles on the market, the Umoro One seeks simplicity and with its minimalistic design, it has all but achieved it. The instructions are self-explanatory and offering up 600ml of volume, there is more than ample space to store whatever you need to keep you hydrated. One of the most striking features of the Umoro is how robust it feels in the hand, the company claiming it to be 100% shatterproof, the stabilising rubber base ensure that this feature will only be called on when strictly necessary. Add to this the sleek and visibly high-quality exterior that comes in a range of striking colours, you can be assured that you are in possession of a seriously fine piece of equipment.

Umoro One 6 Different Colors

Are there any negatives?

The Umoro One is undoubtedly on the upper end of the price spectrum for shaker bottles. The manufacturers would argue that this price is reflected in the quality of the materials and whilst this is undeniably true, it is far from an inconsiderable purchase for many. Many users have also reported a persistent rubber smell that emanates from the bottle, a smell that can take up to two weeks to fade while the ink measurement markings along the side quickly wash away, reducing water to powder ratios to mere guesswork. By far and away the most heard complaint from users however is the position and shape of mouthpiece which make it difficult to drink from while the latch has the tendency to flop around and be a source of irritation. Although the company claims that the supplement container can accommodate 50grams of supplement, this seems to be rather ambitious and attempting to fit an entire measure of powder can be tricky.

And the Fuel Shaker?

Equally simple to use, the Fuel Shaker doesn’t exactly require an advanced degree in mechanics to operate. Where it really triumphs however is in the greater capacity it has to effectively mix supplements, the Umoro often suffering from unpleasant clumping as well as difficulty in cleaning. Indeed, the Umoro One’s primary limitation is the fact that, after being used once as a supplement shaker, it is required to be fully cleaned before it can be used again, something that the Fuel Shaker does not suffer from. With the extra money you saved in purchasing this cheaper bottle, one can simply buy extra powder compartments, meaning you can use the Fuel Shaker more than once in a day for as many different powders as you require, an invaluable resource for gym-goers who complement their workout regime with multiple supplements.

Fuel Shaker

Disadvantages of the Fuel Shaker

As has been mentioned previously, the Umoro One is an expensive piece of kit and clearly looks so. The reverse is true of the Fuel Shaker. Noticeably cheaper in touch and look, it isn’t likely to turn any heads down at the gym while its flimsier feel doesn’t afford the confidence of the Umoro. There have been lots of instances of leakages, some ranging from simple contamination of the supplement container to full-blown spillages that have resulted in everything from ruined I-phones to wrecked business reports. Given its record for problems then, it should come as no surprise that the money you save in buying the Fuel Shaker may well go towards its own replacement.

So overall, which is better?

Essentially the biggest consideration one has to make when deciding which of these two shaker bottles to buy is the difference in price. The Fuel shaker is of course significantly more affordable but suffers from a less pleasing exterior and fragility one would expect from such a reasonably priced product. The Umoro One by contrast is considerably more expensive but with a stylish appearance and durability that will, to many, make it entirely worth the added expense.

Despite these concerns however, the Fuel Shaker gets our vote simply on the basis of the replacement powder compartments that can be purchased, negating the need for daily washes and allowing for multiple supplements to be added. Regardless of which you choose however, you can rest assured that both Umoro and Fuel Shaker have risen the bar for shaker bottle and created a product that is sure to be replicated throughout the industry.

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