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Billing itself as the ultimate in shaker bottles, Umoro has set its ambitions high with the release of its newest product; the Umoro One.

Having started life as a Kickstarter project – going on to be featured on TV start-up show Dragon’s Den -creators and fitness aficionados Joseph Ng and Justin Rosete have sought to address a common problem amongst supplement fiends; namely that of where and how to store all those as yet unmixed liquids and powders, both at the gym and before you get there.

With the Umoro One, they may well have found the answer.

So what’s so different about it?

Well, you know how you were always carrying around a whole myriad of bottles just to get your daily intake of supplements? The Umoro One has eliminated the need for all but one; a multi-purpose liquid container that allows you to stay hydrated with simple H20 all day before transforming – with nothing more than a push of a button – into the perfect workout companion filled with all the nutrients you need, entirely forgoing the need for spoons, spatulas and endless switching of bottles.

That’s cool. But how does it work?

Umoro One Water Bottle
Incredibly simply actually. Once you unscrew the amply sized 600ml bottle and flip the cap over, you will see a compartment underneath. It is here you can spoon whatever supplement or water enhancer you require (50g), push down the shaker ball and simply go about your day, the Umoro One releasing nothing but thirst-busting water. Then, when the time comes to knock things up a notch, simply push the red button on the top of the cap to release your supplements, give it a little shake, the Umoro’s unique design ensuring that there is no distasteful clumping. And voila! It’s time to start working up a sweat.

What Other Features does it have?

Coming in a range of colours – midnight black to forever pink, ocean blue to hunter green – the already stylishly constructed bottle feels good in the hand, and fitted with a handy rubber band, allows for easy carrying whether on the treadmill or on the track. The shape enables it to be easily cleaned and the release button is placed so as to avoid any unintended pressing. This means the Umoro One is safe to carry with your valuables; laptop, work documents and so forth, all the while assured that the release valve will remain in place until the red button is ready to be pressed, which we can promise you, when the time comes, is a strangely satisfying experience.

With its convenient shape and size, the Umoro One fits snugly into virtually any cup holder while the shape renders it easily refillable. The accompanying instructions are neatly laid out and comprehensible to even the least technically-minded, although the Umoro One has been such a minimalistic design, we’re confident that you should have no problems.

It’s kind of pricey…

At its price point, the Umoro One certainly does place itself at the upper end of the market, a price-tag that could be discouraging for the more economically-minded of customers. Nevertheless, made from shatterproof plastic and equipped with a stabilising rubber base, the makers promote the bottle as practically unbreakable, able to withstand the inevitable tumble that comes with an active lifestyle.

This durability is something that is unmatched by its competitors, pushing it ahead in cost but avoiding the need to buy regular replacements and with the added reassurance afforded by a full year’s warranty, buyers can rest safe in the knowledge that this will be the last shaker bottle they will need to buy for quite some time. It is also worth noting that Umoro, as a company trying to establish itself, operates an exceedingly high standard of customer service, a reassuring plus when purchasing a product of this price.

What, you’re telling me it’s perfect?

Umoro One 6 Different Colors

Well, not quite. Perhaps the most frequently voiced problem of users is the persistent rubber smell that emanates from the cap, a smell that may linger for up to several weeks even with frequent washes, so be wary if you find this odour particularly irksome. There have also been reports of the measurement markings becoming faded, something to consider for the perfectionists amongst you.

Premature contamination of the water with supplements has also been known to occur but this is generally because of improper securing of the shaker ball. Other users have been left frustrated by the shape of the mouthpiece, due to the spout being located away from the edge and how perfectly flat it is making it very awkward to drink from. This can give the impression that your water supply is being rationed, something you certainly don’t want after a full session on the bench-press.

But that’s everything, right?

Unfortunately not. While Umoro have taken particular care in ensuring that their shaker bottler is easily cleanable, unfortunately the practicalities of washing away the residual supplement shake are unavoidable, meaning the Umoro One can only be used once before a thorough dishwasher clean is required.

The shaker ball has also proven notoriously difficult to get completely dry, so without taking special precautions such as blow-drying, your supplement powder will come into contact with liquid which invariably results in clumping.

Although the company claims the supplement compartment can contain 50g of power – about one scoop – this seems a little ambitious as completely filling the container can be messy.

A final reservation a few users have is the rubber tether that runs down the centre of the bottle has the potential to be an irritation when drinking from the bottle, often resulting in rather embarrassing spillages. Nevertheless, with the aforementioned quality of customer service, Umoro have proved only too eager to address any queries users may have and indeed are willing to replace your bottle if ever a less than perfect product does find its way to you.

So, is it the shaker bottle for me then?

If you are the type of person that is continually alternating between your water bottle and a more exercise-orientated drink – perhaps hitting the gym straight after a day at the office or saddling up and cycling home – then simply put, yes it is. Although not without its faults, the Umoro One is an uncomplicated yet practical addition to any fitness fanatic’s gym bag and if you are willing to foot the initial cost, you will find yourself in possession of an extremely versatile, supremely durable piece of equipment.

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