SmartShake Shaker Cup Review
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SmartShake looks as if it has tried to reinvent the traditional shaker cup with its latest model. Unlike other shakers on the market, the SmartShake has a variety of compartments designed to help gym lovers carry extra supplements. The company believes its product is one of the most convenient shakers on offer; read on to find out if this is really the case.

How Does it Work?

The typical shaker cup mixes your drinks and allows you to enjoy a perfectly blended protein shake or smoothies. It is limited insofar as it only offers this sole function. The SmartShake Shaker Cup is very different.

It consists of three separate compartments, all of which are tucked neatly within the bottle. As a result, you can store protein powder, snacks, pills, beverages and even your keys in one container.

The SmartShake also has a Snap-On Strainer which mixes dressings, sauces and most importantly, powdered drinks without leaving any annoying lumps. As the strainer is capable of mixing extremely thick ingredients, you can use this shaker cup to make omelets or scrambled eggs. In other words, it can make you a healthy breakfast, pre-workout drink and a post-workout protein shake. Best of all, it comes in a wide range of sizes and colors which you can mix and match with other colors to make your own unique combination.

SmartShake Mix and Match


  • The SmartShake’s versatility is almost unmatched in the shaker cup niche. There are a total of three compartments and you can store the two extra storage units in the bottle or leave them at home. There is even a cool divider which can be used to separate one of the containers into another four compartments. This means you can bring a post workout drink, pills, a small snack and even your money and car keys in the same bottle.
  • The Snap-On Strainer can be left in or taken out if you don’t need it and it effectively mixes a wide range of ingredients.
  • It is dishwasher friendly.
  • It comes in 4 different sizes; 17oz, 20oz, 22oz and 27oz and 24 different color schemes.


  • It can be tough to clean as there are so many compartments.
  • We’ve heard a few reports complaining about the quality of the materials used but these are admittedly reasonably rare.
  • It can leave an unpleasant odor if you take too long to clean it.

SmartShake Shaker Cup Customer Reviews

Customers who offered positive reviews absolutely loved the array of options this single shaker provided them with. Health and fitness enthusiasts can plan their meals and supplements using the SmartShake and even those who don’t exercise can use the divider to keep their medication in order.

With such emphasis placed on the various compartments we were worried that the shaker wouldn’t mix ingredients well. Fortunately, the Snap-On Strainer does exactly what SmartShake promises and we found it to be very effective not only when making protein shakes, but also with thicker ingredients.

Customers who provided negative reviews were not happy with the quality of the shaker’s material. Special criticism was reserved for the cap which reportedly breaks after multiple uses. This could be because it is made from soft material which doesn’t hold up well under constant usage. It seems as if this particular problem happens after a few weeks so we didn’t experience any such issue during our review.

Smart Shake Review

Final Verdict

Effectiveness: The primary purpose of any shaker cup is to ensure thick ingredients are properly mixed. To this end, the SmartShake’s Snap-On Strainer is definitely fit for purpose.


Convenience: We can’t fault the SmartShake on this score. With a total of three containers and the possibility of adding four mini-compartments within one of the containers, you can store all manner of pills, powders and snacks.


Quality: The container is made from fairly cheap materials and we’re not sure if it would survive many falls. Although we didn’t experience any problems with the cap, its construction is a concern and we do see how it would begin to fail after constant use. However, it is no worse than the majority of shaker cups on the market on this score.


Value: This really depends on the model you buy. The most expensive option is ludicrously expensive for a shaker bottle. However, most of the SmartShake bottles are available for very low prices making them an absolute bargain.


Overall: The SmartShake is a very good shaker cup and offers an array of storage options. It is ideal for someone who trains at the gym and it can also be used for other purposes. Although the quality of the lid and material is not of premium quality, we certainly recommend this shaker if you want a bottle that does more than just mix your drinks.


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