ProMixx Vortex Shaker Review
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While there are an increasing number of shaker bottles on the market that are operated manually, the ProMixx Vortex Shaker is a little different. Instead of having to vigorously shake a bottle after a hard workout, you can just add the ingredients, press a button and watch the ProMixx do all the hard work for you. Is this motor powered shaker worth the extra cash or should you stick to one of the more traditional versions?

How Does it Work?

The ProMixx has an in-built blunt blade which scythes through the ingredients to produce a ready to drink shake. It is powered by a detachable motor and with no cords to worry about, you can transport it anywhere. You need 2 x AAA batteries which are annoyingly not included.

The blender function works extremely well; all you need to do is add the liquid and other ingredients, close the lid and press the power button. Within seconds you’ll be rewarded with an incredibly smooth shake. The ProMixx is also versatile; you can use it to make pancake batter or mix eggs for an omelet.

Its capacity is 600ml which works out at just under 22oz. ProMixx claims the shaker is 100% leak proof although we have some concerns about the small lid. Finally, it has an internal self-cleaning function.


  • The motor is detachable and the overall product is very light.
  • All it takes is a press of a button and you get delightfully smooth shakes.
  • It can be used to mix extremely thick ingredients in a drinkable shake.
  • The self-cleaning function is excellent; all you have to do is add some water, a drop of detergent and press the button for a fast and effective clean.
  • There is an upgrade pack available which features a rechargeable motor and USB charging cable.


  • As it is motor powered there will be a significant amount of noise compared to the almost silent manual alternatives.
  • The fact that batteries are not included is annoying.
  • Although it is designed for travel, it’s not really something you would bring with you to the gym.
  • It is a bit more expensive than other mixers.

ProMixx Vortex Shaker Customer Reviews

The general consensus is that the ProMixx is outstanding when it comes to mixing ingredients. None of the manually operated mixers on the market come close to producing consistently smooth shakes. You can use it on extra thick ingredients which means it’s possible to try a variety of recipes such as protein desserts. It’s also handy if you fancy pancakes or omelets for breakfast.

Customers are also happy with the ease of use of the ProMixx and the self-cleaning function was very well received. You can leave it overnight without cleaning it and the mixer won’t give off a foul odor. Then you can clean it in a matter of seconds.

Those who left negative reviews were mainly annoyed at the lack of batteries included plus the fact the ProMixx uses up batteries in quick fashion. One pretty big flaw is its inability to mix ingredients with ice; this means it isn’t a good option if you like smoothies.

Final Verdict

Effectiveness: When it comes to mixing protein shakes, pancakes and omelets, the ProMixx performs admirably. However, since you can’t really add ice, it spoils the potential for a nice chilled summer drink.


Convenience: It is fantastic to be able to add a few ingredients, press a button and watch it work. Then all you have to do is add some water, detergent and press the button again.


Quality: Barring the aforementioned ice issue, we found the ProMixx to be of premium quality. The mixer itself is made from strong material and we believe it will last a considerable length of time if used properly.


Value: While it may not be suitable if you’re on a budget, it is well priced and worth the money if you want to treat yourself.


Overall: The ProMixx Vortex is a very good shaker and is worth considering if you are looking for an upgrade. However, if you want something suitable for mixing drinks on the go, it’s better to choose something like the BlenderBottle Pro Stak.


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