Fuel Shaker Review
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The makers of the Fuel Shaker are something of the new kids on the block when it comes to the world of shaker bottles. Having risen to prominence through a Kickstarter project, the Fuel Shaker has quickly gained fans for its no-nonsense approach to supplying users with a quick and easy means of staying hydrated all day before stepping things up a gear with an instant supplement blast when they hit the gym. So does it live up to the hype?

How does it work?

For even the least technologically minded of gym-goers, the Fuel Shaker is an exercise in simplicity. Before hitting a workout session, all you need to do is unscrew the 500ml bottle to unveil the signature powder cartridge which is attached at the base of the container, filling the amply sized 50 gram receptacle with whatever supplement or protein powder you require. From there, all you need to do is screw back the leak-proof lid and go about your day, your Fuel Shaker supplying you with nothing but pure, uncontaminated watery goodness. When it’s time for your supplement injection however, simply flip the bottle upside-down, press the ejector button and give it a shake, your water now transformed into a supplement enhanced energy drink.

It kind of sounds like other products on the market…

As of late, there has been a clamour of excitement in the fitness world as several different products have appeared professing to solve the age-old problem of effectively mixing workout supplements on the go. Whilst the Fuel Shaker doesn’t exactly do anything to revolutionise the medium, what really sets it apart is simply the price. For other shaker bottles which claim to provide the same convenience, you can expect to pay around double the price. The Fuel Shaker most certainly does not break the bank and extra powder cartridges can be purchased, something that allows users to store multiple types of supplements in their bag and switch seamlessly between them. This gives the Fuel Shaker the edge over its competitors who have been criticised for only being capable of one use before requiring cleaning.

Fuel Shaker Review

But how does it actually perform?

Exactly as it says on the tin frankly. The bottle is easy to piece together while the turbine shaped agitator ensures that your supplements are mixed thoroughly although, owing to the fact that the signature powder cartridge is at the base of the bottle, it is advised that you hold the bottle upside down when releasing the button. It also has the added benefit of a latch placed at the top of the bottle which means that it can be conveniently attached to sports bags while the specially designed spout ensures comfort whilst drinking. The bottle is dishwasher safe and although other shaker bottles claim to be easy to clean, The Fuel Shaker seems to be the only one that actually lives up to the billing, its opening allowing easy access to even its most hard-to-reach crevices.

So, it’s the best shaker bottle around?

Well, not exactly. Perhaps owing to its very reasonable price tag, the Fuel Shaker is not as aesthetically pleasing as other bottles on the market, something that cannot be disguised by the range of funky five colours it comes in. The materials from which it is made are undoubtedly cheaper than its rivals and it does not feel as robust in the hand, a fragility that suggests that it may not always be capable of withstanding the bumps and bangs associated with an active lifestyle. There have also been reports that the Fuel Shaker’s leak proof lid does not stay so for long, with users claiming that contamination between supplement and liquid can occur after only a week or even, in the worst case scenarios, major spillages from the bottle itself. Perhaps most worryingly however, are the complaints that have arisen in regard to customer service, which many have claimed to be less than obliging when problems do arise.

So, is that a recommendation or not?

Whilst it cannot be denied that the Fuel Shaker isn’t without its flaws, we have to admit that for a very reasonable price, the producers of this shaker bottle have managed to create a piece of equipment that is not only affordable but one that does exactly as it promises. Although the most pedantic of supplement users may criticise its cheap appearance and apparent flimsiness, there are simply no other products on the market that offer this level of functionality in this price range.

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