Cyclone Cup Shaker Review
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If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’re probably fed up with shaker bottles that fail to remove the lumps and clumps from your protein powder. The Cyclone Cup Shaker promises to change all that as its patented technology ensures you enjoy a smooth and delicious shake every single time. Is this claim hype or does Cyclone live up to its billing?

How Does it Work?

If you like to exercise, the consumption of protein shakes is an essential method of ensuring your muscles recover and grow after a workout. Trying to mix powder with water or milk with a spoon usually results in a clumped mess. According to Cyclone, other shaker bottles are inefficient as items such as wire whisk balls (clearly aimed at BlenderBottle) flow with the liquid inside which means they don’t produce the best results.

Cyclone says it has changed the way shaker bottles work with its unique patented technology. The shaker uses stationery technology which moves against the flow of the ingredients. According to Cyclone, this leads to smoother end result. This shaker not only has a 20oz mixing compartment, there is also a 6oz dry storage compartment at the bottom. As a result, you can bring your liquid in the main container and your powder can be stored in the smaller container.

We found that the stationery technology worked reasonably well as it effectively ripped through the wet and dry ingredients leaving a smooth shake. There is also a locking lid which prevents you from spilling your drink when you blend it.


  • The patented Cyclone technology removes lumps and clumps and it makes less noise than shakers with wire whisk balls.
  • We liked the additional compartment which can be used to store powder, pills or snacks.
  • It doesn’t have the nasty protein stink we got from other shakers.
  • It comes in a variety of cool colors.
  • The Lock Cap and Screw Tight Lid means there should be no leaks.
  • It’s made from sturdy plastic and can be washed in the top shelf of the dishwasher.


  • You’ll need to shake the bottle fairly rigorously in order to get a smooth shake.
  • The aforementioned cap and lid must be carefully attached or there will be leaks.

Cyclone Cup Shaker Customer Reviews

When it comes to the patented Cyclone stationery technology, there is a mixed bag of reviews. While a number of consumers described it as ‘amazing’ and ‘the best shaker bottle ever’, others complained about the efficacy of the mixer. We were satisfied with the mixing performance of the Cyclone but have to admit, it does take a reasonable amount of effort to blend the shake to the right consistency.

Most purchasers were happy with the extra stationery compartment and we were also pleased with this addition. At 6oz, it is big enough to hold a sizeable amount of protein powder or a decent sized snack.

Another thing we picked up on was the ease of cleaning which is a big plus and the standard of material used in the Cyclone is of high quality. We feel that you could accidentally drop it without causing damage. Finally, the lack of odor is a significant plus point and we wish more shakers had this feature.

Final Verdict

Effectiveness: It’s quite hit and miss. On one hand, the mixer does remove clumps and lumps but the process requires some effort on your part; moreso than other shakers.


Convenience: The addition of the 6oz compartment is very welcome and allows you to mix your protein shake fresh. Alternatively, you could mix your drink and leave the storage area free for a snack.


Quality: The lid and body of the shaker are durable and we believe they will last you for a long time.


Value: It is very reasonably priced, especially with the added compartment.


Overall: The durability of the Cyclone Cup Shaker is not in question nor is its versatility. We are however a bit concerned about the amount of effort required to remove the lumps from a mixture. While it does work, there are other models on the market that can remove clumps effortlessly. It’s a good product but the jury’s out on Cyclone technology.


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