BlenderBottle Sport Mixer Review
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BlenderBottle markets its products as items that provide you with the quickest, easiest and most convenient method of mixing your post-workout drinks. It has released a number of shaker bottles and the Sport Mixer is one of its latest creations. At first glance it appears to have most of the features that made older BlenderBottle products so popular but has the company made any improvements?

How Does it Work?

If you’ve heard of BlenderBottle, you’ll know the company’s signature innovation is its BlenderBall. This wire whisk is shaped like a ball and must be added to your drink before you’re ready to mix the ingredients. The ball moves around the bottle as you mix and it works wonders in terms of cutting through thick stuff such as peanut butter and protein powder in order to give you a shake with the right consistency.

The company has added a few new features such as the rubber overmolding which is conveniently located in the middle of the bottle. This helps to improve your grip which reduces the chances of dropping the bottle. The Sport Mixer is also significantly more durable than past products and the material is also odor free which is fantastic news! It also features the usual plastic loop and flip cap design elements of previous BlenderBottle shakers.


  • The BlenderBall works as well as ever so there are no issues when it comes to mixing a wide variety of ingredients. Whether you want a healthy protein shake or something naughtier featuring peanut butter and ice cream, the Sport Mixer will help you out.
  • The Sport Mixer is made with durable Eastman Tritan plastic so it’s less likely to break than older BlenderBottle products. This plastic also reduces the foul odors associated with forgetting to wash the protein shake residue from a bottle!
  • It is free from phthalates and BPAs. The flip cap and screw on lid combination ensures the shaker is 100% leak proof, as long as you use them properly!
  • The SportLoop is still an extra convenience as it’s a good place to hang keys when you train.
  • The rubberized grip is an essential addition.


  • Failure to ensure the flip cap is down properly will cause the contents of your shaker bottle to spray all over the place.
  • BlenderBottle appears to have reduced the size of the shaker’s opening which means adding ingredients is tougher than it should be.

BlenderBottle Sport Mixer Customer Reviews

BlenderBottle Sport Mixer Markings

Customers were generally impressed by the new features such as the extra durable material which prevents leaks and cracks from occurring as readily as in past products. The rubberized grip also drew a great deal of praise and customers were happy to see the return of old features such as the BlenderBall and Sport Loop.

Those who offered negative reviews were irritated at the small opening which makes it very hard to use when travelling. This also makes it far more difficult to clean so if you don’t have a dishwasher, it can be a real trial.

Final Verdict

Effectiveness: As is the case with other BlenderBottle products, the Sport Mixer passes the test thanks to the legendary BlenderBall.


Convenience: While it is designed for use at the gym or when travelling, the reduced size of the opening means you are better off mixing your drinks at home. The rubber grip is an important addition however.


Quality: The Sport Mixer is a big improvement on older shaker bottles in the range as the Eastman Tritan plastic ensures greater longevity and fewer bad odors.


Value: This product represents very good value as it should last a lot longer than the BlenderBottle Classic for example. It costs a few dollars more but the superior material makes it worth the investment.


Overall: There are a lot of positive things to say about the Sport Mixer; it’s durable, convenient and does the job when mixing ingredients. However, not every aspect of the new design represents an improvement on older models. While the rubber grip is a major plus, the smaller opening makes it tougher to clean and harder to add ingredients. If you have a Classic and only use it at home, you’re better off waiting for a different model. If you don’t have a shaker bottle and want one, this would be a good purchase.


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