BlenderBottle Pro Stak Review
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The Pro Stak has been marketed as an ‘all-in-one solution for the serious athlete’. Like all other BlenderBottle shakers, the Pro Stak has the famous BlenderBall to help mix ingredients into a smooth consistency. It also features a few added extras which makes it a potential purchase for people looking to enjoy tasty and nutritious drinks on the go. Read on to learn if the Pro Stak is as good as other products from the BlenderBottle company.

How Does it Work?

The BlenderBall is thrown in when you begin to mix your ingredients and its works to remove clumps in an effortless fashion. It offers a near silent alternative to electric mixers and the accompanying screw on lid and snap flip cap ensure you won’t spill a drop.

The two extra containers are fantastic additions as they are convenient places to store more snack foods. You can have a full healthy meal while on the move! There is also a pill organizer designed to fit snugly into either of the two containers. In other words, this is the shaker bottle of the fitness enthusiast.

ProStak System


  • We absolutely love the two extra jars as they are great places to store additional supplements, snack foods or even more of the shake you create. If you elect to purchase some Expansion Paks, you can have a jar for every day of the week.
  • The BlenderBall is as reliable as ever. You can mix thick ingredients such as peanut butter, ice cream, bananas and yogurt without a problem.
  • The additional pill tray locks into the lid of any jar so you get the benefit of more storage without sacrificing any space.
  • The flip cap’s new thumb friendly design is an excellent addition while the loop is a good location to store your keys while you workout.
  • As is the case with all BlenderBottle products, the Pro Stak is free from BHAs and phthalates. This means you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals getting into your drink.


  • As with other BlenderBottle products, there is a tendency for the lid to crack during vigorous use.
  • The cap is said to occasionally come off for no apparent reason.
  • It gives off a powerful odor if you forget to wash it and leave it overnight.

BlenderBottle Pro Stak Customer Reviews

Customers who offers positive reviews said it was a ‘must have’ if you’re into health and fitness. As well as being very effective when it comes to mixing thick ingredients, the additional jars and pill organizer are a godsend for those who like to keep their protein and supplement intake high during the day. You can mix up a protein shake, keep your supplement pills in the organizer and add some snack foods. This pack allows you to maintain your caloric and protein intake for several hours.

Practically every negative review related to the quality of the materials used in the Pro Stak. The main complaint was that the lid cracked after only a few weeks. Other customers were angry that the shaker opened suddenly while they were in the gym and spilled powder everywhere.

Final Verdict

Effectiveness: The BlenderBall does its usual magic routine and makes the process of mixing potentially difficult ingredients a breeze.


Convenience: The Pro Stak scores top marks for convenience as it is truly an all-in-one solution for athletes. You can pretty much plan your food intake for a few hours and the space saving features are a great extra touch. The pill organizer fits into the jars which fit into the shaker bottle.


Quality: This is pretty much the only downside to the Pro Stak. The materials are of questionable quality and the lid has the potential to crack. However, we did not experience any of these issues during our review.


Value: For the cost of this bottle you get a 22oz bottle, a 150cc jar, a 100cc jar, the BlenderBall and a pill organizer. You’ll struggle to find a better deal anywhere else.


Overall: While reports of cracked lids are concerning, it’s difficult to otherwise fault this superb shaker bottle which is an ideal purchase for any fitness lover.


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