Despite the obesity epidemic, or perhaps because of it, an increasing number of people are taking a long, hard look at their diet and exercise regime. We may be living longer as a nation but we’re also suffering from more medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. By altering your lifestyle today, you’re more likely to enjoy life as you get older.

The modern individual seeks convenience and the new range of shaker cups provide it. Many of them are designed with the fitness enthusiast at heart and allow you to quickly and easily create a smooth protein shake or other healthy beverage of your choice. Some of them come with extra compartments to store snacks. Read on to learn more about the best shaker cups on the market.

Comparison: Best Shaker Cups

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What Is A Protein Shaker Bottle?

A protein shaker bottle is basically a container designed to mix protein shakes, supplements or other supplement drinks easily. Modern innovations include a wire whisk ball which works to cut through the protein powder and other ingredients in order to give you a smooth drink. Other brands use a stationery whisking device which is said to work just as well. The whole idea is to mix powders and other thicker ingredients with liquid.

An increasing number of brands are looking to transform the humble shaker bottle into an all-in-one training nutrition container. This means adding extra compartments to the bottle which enable you to include more supplements, powders or snacks. You can also use the extra space to store keys or money! There are even pill organizers included with some shaker cups so you can neatly divide your supplements for the day.

Finally, many shaker bottles are capable of mixing thick ingredients so you can use them to make a healthy omelet, protein desserts or pancakes. This versatility is greatly appreciated by fitness lovers who can plan their nutritional needs in advance.

Why Do I Need A Shaker Cup?

Ordinarily, the best way to create a smooth, great tasting protein shake would be to use your blender. However, this involves plugging it in to a power socket and its size means you can’t bring it with you to the gym.

With most shaker cups, it’s possible to store your protein powder and liquid in separate locations so you can mix up a fresh drink at the end of a training session. Alternatively, you can use the shaker cup to store a pre-workout beverage.

If you are a genuine fitness enthusiast, you can find a shaker bottle capable of storing pre workout and post workout drinks, supplement pills and snacks. Instead of having to bring several containers or plastic bags for your snacks, you can put everything into one convenient container.

Top 3 Protein Shaker Bottles

1 – BlenderBottle Pro Stak

BlenderBottle Pro Stak

This is an upgrade on the original Classic shaker cup and while it costs a few dollars, it is an improvement. It includes the company’s famed BlenderBall which you throw into your ingredients; it then works with the mixture in order to provide you with a smooth shake. During our review we found the BlenderBall to be extremely effective when it came to mixing thick ingredients.

The BIG difference from the classic is the additional storage containers which allow you to either add more of your workout shake or store snacks/powders. There is also a handy pill organizer which divides your supplements. In other words, the Pro Stak is a true all-in-one shaker bottle which is ideal for athletes.

It is an absolute steal, about the only downside is the quality of the cap which may not withstand constant vigorous use.

2 – SmartShake


The SmartShake shaker cup is one of the most versatile in the niche. As well as offering the usual shaker bottle, this product also has two additional containers which can be used to store additional drinks, healthy snacks, pre-workout powder, money and your keys! Best of all, these containers combine neatly together so there will still be ample space left in your gym bag. There is also a divider which can be added to one of the small containers to divide it into four sections. This is ideal if you take a lot of supplements and/or vitamins.

Of course the most important aspect of any shaker cup is its ability to mix and the SmartShake definitely hits the mark in this respect. Its Snap-On Strainer not only mixes protein and other supplement powders effectively, it does a really good job when it comes to mixing sauces and dressings. It also comes in four different sizes.

There are some concerns over the quality of materials used but in our review we found the SmartShake to be no less fragile than other shaker cups we reviewed.

3 – Fuel Shaker

Fuel Shaker

This company came to prominence as part of a Kickstarter project and has gone from strength to strength. It is a little bit different to other shaker cups in terms of design. Once you open the bottle, you’ll notice a special cartridge which can be used to store protein powder or anything else you desire. It is designed to hold up to two scoops of protein powder.

Once you ensure the leak-proof lid is securely attached, the next step is to turn the bottle upside down and press the ejector button. Finally, shake the container and it should mix your ingredients and give you a smooth shake. We found it to be very effective when it comes to thoroughly mixing protein powders and supplements such as BCAAs but it is not really designed for anything thicker.

It is one of the more expensive shaker cups on the market and if you want additional cartridges they will set you back around $4.99 apiece. Nonetheless, if you want a shaker cup that does what it’s supposed to, Fuel Shaker is one of the best around.

What to Look For In Shaker Cups


This is the single most important aspect of any shaker cup. If it isn’t capable of effectively mixing powders and thick ingredients with liquid to form a smooth shake, it isn’t worth getting. Each brand has its own unique method of mixing the ingredients you’ll place in your bottle.

The BlenderBottle brand has its own special BlenderBall device which is a wire whisk. You place it in your drink and when you shake the bottle, the whisk mixes with the liquid to make it smooth. Cyclone has its stationery technology which is effectively a design element that cuts through the various ingredients. Hydra Cup uses a dual mixer device; and so on. Find the shaker cup that you believe mixes your drinks to the consistency you desire.


This is the very essence of shaker cups. You should look for a bottle that fulfills all your specific needs. Perhaps you only want a shaker cup that does the basics; that is, mixing your protein shake so that lumps and clumps are removed. Alternatively, you might want an all-in-one solution such as the BlenderBottle Pro Stak which has extra storage compartments or the Hydra Cup brand which allows you to simultaneously mix two different drinks.


Beware shaker cups made from cheap materials. Remember, you’ll be storing liquid in these containers and you’ll probably be carrying them around in a bag. If the lid leaks or cracks, your bag will be ruined! Look for a shaker cup with a reliable closing system. Additionally, the cup should be able to withstand a bit of wear and tear. It should NOT crack if you accidentally drop it on the floor. Some brands cut corners and use low quality materials so avoid them!


The vast majority of shaker bottles are available for under $15. Once you are below this price range it’s best to pay a few extra dollars for quality. For example, it makes no sense to pay $6.99 for a low quality bottle that only mixes drinks when you can get a shaker cup made from better materials with extra compartments for $9.99. If a shaker bottle costs more than $15, it should be a motorized version like the ProMixx.

What Can You Make?

  • Protein Shakes: This is the #1 use for shaker cups as the last thing trainees want is to taste dry powder as they consume their shake. Each shaker brand has its own method of mixing ingredients but all of them should at least be able to handle protein powder.
  • Supplements: There are a huge array of pre-workout energy and post-workout recovery supplements. Again, these are in powder form and can be mixed with water in your shaker cup.
  • Smoothies: A smoothie is a great way to get your daily fruit (or vegetable) requirement. You can use a shaker cup for these but the fruit and veggies will need to be cut up and/or mashed.
  • Breakfast/Lunch: You can mix pancake batter or eggs in order to create a delicious breakfast or lunch. Some shakers can even handle waffle ingredients.
  • Cocktails: This is probably 180 degrees away from the actual intended use for shaker cups but it’s possible to create your cocktails in a matter of moments. These containers should be able to handle alcohol and fruit juices.


Pros & Cons of Shaker Bottles


  • Convenience: We mentioned it above but it’s worth repeating. A shaker bottle can turn a messy affair into a nice and neat one. Instead of fiddling about with doggy bags and extra containers, you can store everything in one cup. In addition, most shaker bottles have a Loop where you can place your keys when you train.
  • Versatility: Old-fashioned shaker cups were really only for mixing protein shakes. Modern versions can do an awful lot more. As well as having additional storage for snacks and extra powders/supplements/pills, they can mix very thick ingredients. As a result, you can use shaker cups to make a delicious pancake or egg breakfast, protein desserts, smoothies and much more. It is actually possible to use one of these bottles for all of your nutritional needs on any given day!
  • Speed: Just place your desired ingredients in the shaker cup and shake it until you achieve the right consistency. Depending on the effectiveness of the bottle, your drink should be ready in seconds.
  • Low Price: Compared to what most people spend on supplements, the price of a good shaker cup is pocket change.


  • Durability: A common complaint we’ve discovered during our reviews is that shaker cups have a tendency to break easily. This is primarily down to cheap materials being used by companies although inherent design flaws can also play a part. Even the top rated cups may not survive a fall so shop carefully if you’re the clumsy type!
  • Leaks: This is another major issue and often happens either because the lid is made from cheap material or the bottle doesn’t have a proper locking mechanism. It is embarrassing and messy when you shake your bottle in the gym only to find it doesn’t keep the liquid and powder contained. As you will doubtless be storing the container in a gym bag, a leak will ruin the interior along with any personal possessions inside.


A shaker cup is now much more than a container that helps get rid of lumps in your protein powder. It can store all manner of supplements and snacks, store your keys and even mix breakfast! Read our reviews and those on to make your mind up on the shaker bottle that’s right for your needs. They are low cost methods of quickly and easily mixing healthy shakes so take a step in the right direction with regards to your lifestyle and purchase one today!

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