Humans were meant to move around. As a species, we’ve come a long way from hunting woolly mammoths on the tundra to where we are today, crammed into office cubicles and vegetating the night away on the couch.

A failure to get adequate exercise is a failure to maintain your sexual prowess. If you have experienced a reduced lustfulness in the bedroom or aren’t quite feeling as “manly” as you once did even when viewing FapMates, part of the reason could be an inactive lifestyle.

If you are experiencing symptoms of ED in America in 2020, you’re not alone. As many as 20% of American men will battle ED in their lifetimes. Some might call it an epidemic. What can be done about it?

This is what the science says about exercise and sexual health. Consider the data if you are interested in a natural way to boost your libido and become a hero again in the bedroom.

Lifting Weights and Sexual Health

Moving iron around in the gym does way more than just ballooning muscles. If you haven’t hit the bars in a while, let this serve as the motivation you need to re-commit to a regular lifting plan.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It serves as the main source of sex drive in men (and women), supplying the motivation that a man needs to get out there, mingle, and, ultimately, to score.

Once testosterone levels peak in the early 20s, the amount of circulating testosterone in the blood that the body can use (called “free testosterone, the kind you want for better sex drive and harder erections) declines by about 1% per year on average. So, by the time the average guy reaches 40, he will likely have lost about 20% of his testosterone.

Correspondingly, this is around the age that men frequently begin to experience chronic erectile dysfunction, characterized by an inability to achieve and maintain an erection and/or less-than-ideal erections in terms of stiffness and fullness.

A consistent weightlifting regimen is a proven, failsafe method to achieve substantially higher testosterone levels. In addition to raising testosterone levels immediately following a workout, this study and others like it also find that free testosterone increases even at resting levels for men who engage in resistance training using weights.

Cardio and Men’s Sexual Health

One of the major causal factors of ED in many men is restricted or less-than-optimal blood flow. Of course, the penis relies on a healthy cardiovascular system to supply the blood it needs for erection.

Cardio activities, which raise heart rate and force blood to travel more quickly and efficiently through the arteries and veins to deliver much-needed oxygen to hard-working muscles, could supply at least part of the answer for treating ED.

Other Safe Treatment Options

In addition to exercise, other strategies, like the erection-boosting, proprietary ED drugs sold by BlueChew, could offer part of the answer as well. PDE-5 inhibitors — the class of drugs that includes Viagra and Cialis — can safely help men achieve erections by relaxing the muscles in the penis that control inflow and outflow of blood during the arousal process. You can even get a free sample trial for Bluechew.

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