Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer Review
Value For Money6.5
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This body analyzer from Withings makes standard bathroom scales look old-fashioned. Instead of relying on body weight alone as a measure of your health and fitness, you can use this device to take a more forensic look. Its detailed metrics can help you forge a path to fitness but is it accurate and fit for purpose?

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer Features

Sleek Design: The Withings WS-50 looks stunning thanks to its tempered glass construction and metal accents.

Metrics: Weight, body fat percentage, heart rate and it even gauges your room’s air quality!

Wi-Fi: You use a Bluetooth connection along with your Smartphone to activate the device. Then you use Wi-Fi connection and go online where you can setup a Withings account. You can access this account whenever you wish to take a look at your progress.

Health Mate App: This is an excellent feature as it visualizes trends, improvements and calorie intake. The app takes all the stats recorded from the scale and creates a line graph; this is an extremely useful visual aid.


  • The aforementioned app is a fantastic addition. While some competitors have had their Android app features slashed, the Withings app has no such issues which make it one of the best around. Use the analyzer once a week to get the best out of the app’s graphs.
  • Its modern design means it looks gorgeous in any bathroom.
  • When it comes to measuring your weight it’s accurate to within 0.1 pounds.
  • The website display is customizable which means you can add in measurements and click and drag panels around the screen.


  • The analyzer is extremely sensitive and your position on the scale can make a huge difference to the readings. For example, standing too far back on the scale can reduce the reading by 3 pounds.
  • We have grave doubts over the overall accuracy of the rest of the metrics aside from the weight. The body fat percentage isn’t always precise while the heart rate monitor doesn’t seem to work well at all. The room air quality metric is a nice touch in theory but a waste of time in practice as its CO2 reading is basically unintelligible.
  • If you get an inaccurate reading and have the analyzer connected to an online account, it will render your graph useless.

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer Customer Reviews

The Withings WS-50 is another extremely popular body fat monitor online as it has over 3,700 reviews on Amazon.com with an average rating of 3.8 stars. 56% of customers offered a 5-star review while 13% believed this analyzer was only worth 1 star.

Those who gave positive reviews loved the app and the website. Indeed, if you’re tech savvy the stats and graphs offered by this scale will seem like a bonus in itself. Most users were satisfied with the scale’s accuracy. Despite the seemingly technical nature of the graphs, most users praised Withings for making it simple to access and understand the graphs.

The most common complaint from those who did not like the scale related to a lack of customer service from Withings. When the company was alerted about faults with the scale, it didn’t reply for months or not at all in some cases. There are also dozens of customers who said the machine simply stopped working which is a concern. The scale’s battery life also appears to be questionable.

Final Verdict


The Withings WS-50’s Wi-Fi connection feature is an excellent addition and we can’t complain about the metrics on offer and the graphs and stats available once you setup an online account. Although the scale we reviewed worked perfectly, we are concerned about reports of the machine ceasing to work after a set period of time:



There is no shortage of measurements available and those who love statistics will enjoy accessing the website and seeing their progress in graph form. The heart rate and room air quality metrics would have been great additions if they were in any way accurate:



The body fat measurement is reasonably accurate; wish we could say the same about CO2 and heart rate readings:



The Withings WS-50 is one of the most expensive machines on the market. While it offers some cool features, we’re not convinced it’s worth the money:



We like the Wi-Fi connection feature and the app but there are plenty of problems with the Withings WS-50. We also feel the price tag is off-putting, especially when there are similar and superior models on the market for less than half the price:


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