Tanita BC554 Ironman Body Composition Monitor Review
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The Tanita BC554 model is marketed as a top of the range body composition monitor. It’s designed to help you analyze and track your fitness plan. Keep reading to see if this high performance scale is suitable for you or if it is the sole preserve of fitness fanatics.

Tanita Ironman Body Composition Monitor Features

Detailed Measurements

While other scales focus on weight, BMI and body fat, the Tanita model also includes bone mass and metabolic age while also measuring your fitness level.

What is Metabolic Age? This is related to your body’s metabolic rate and helps you maintain the minimum amount of calories or energy you need when sleeping or resting.

What is Water Weight Percentage? This is the amount of fluid in your body and the Tanita scale shows it as a percentage of your body weight. Women should be in the 45-60% range and men should be in the 50-65% range.

Neat & Tidy Design

The Tanita is approximately the size of a normal bathroom scale and weighs just 9 pounds. The large LCD display makes it easy to read, it has a weight capacity of 330 pounds along with a 3 year warranty.

Multiple Users

The Tanita BC554 monitor keeps track of the measurements of up to four people. Your results are saved so you can keep tabs on your progress.


  • This body monitor offers a remarkable amount of measurement options. The physique evaluation option is a fantastic method of measuring your visceral fat levels. This relates to fat stored in your abdominal cavity and around your vital organs so keeping this down is essential. The water weight and metabolic age metrics are also outstanding additions.
  • The monitor comes in an aesthetically pleasing design and its small size means it fits comfortably in any bathroom.
  • The range of metrics means you can use this scale to keep track of a variety of fitness goals; it is suitable if you wish to lose fat or gain muscle for example.
  • It is one of the most accurate body monitors on the market and is even used in hospitals.


  • At the price, this is an expensive piece of machinery and is not suitable for people who just want to know their weight.
  • The buttons on the scale are not as durable as they should be.
  • There seems to be a lack of replacement parts available.

Tanita BC554 Ironman Body Composition Monitor Customer Reviews

Those who were happy with their purchase praised the monitor for providing them with extra motivation to help achieve their goals. Weight loss alone isn’t a particularly good indicator of your general health. This body composition monitor helps measure seemingly every important metric so you will be alerted if something is amiss. For example, a significant increase in visceral fat is dangerous; thanks to this monitor you can discover this problem before your health is badly affected.

One issue raised by customers who gave negative reviews was the inaccuracy of the scale when it comes to measuring people with small feet. While a large percentage of customers believe this monitor is accurate, some believe the body fat calculator in particular is ‘off’ by several percent. The buttons on the scale appear to wear down over time; often just after the warranty has expired.

Final Verdict


While it doesn’t have the Wi-Fi capability of the FitBit Aria, it does track your weigh-ins effectively:



There isn’t another body composition monitor on the market that can surpass this Tanita model when it comes to measurement options. It has everything you can think of and a few things you probably can’t! The visceral fat, water weight percentage, metabolic age and bone mass measurements are fantastic ways to keep an eye on your health:



It appears to do a good job with its unusual array of measurements. While some customers claim it is extremely accurate, others disagree:



It is undoubtedly a lot to pay for a scale but if you’re serious about your health, the price is well worth it:



This body composition monitor from Tanita is not just for Ironman athletes, it is ideal for anyone with a genuine interest in their health. It tracks as many measurements as possible outside of a clinical setting!


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