Omron HBF-514C Body Composition Monitor Review
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There are now a host of high quality devices on the market capable of analyzing and keeping track of your fitness data. The HBF-514C Body Composition Monitor from Omron is designed to help you keep up to date with your fitness goals and has a number of interesting features. Keep reading to determine if this is the right body scale for you.


Extra Sensors: This Omron model has 6 sensors compared to 4 in other scales. This enables it to provide clinically accurate readings.

7 Fitness Metrics: The scale measures weight, body age, body fat percentage, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, BMI and resting metabolism.

Profile Settings: Up to 4 people can create profiles on the scale and it has 90 days of memory.

Digital Screen: Its screen is designed to be easy to read and allows you to weigh yourself in seconds.

Extras: Its maximum capacity is 330 pounds and it has a retractable cord which means adults up to 2 meters tall can use it.


  • It measures in kilos and pounds which allows you to choose the measurement you like best.
  • The 7 different measurements allow you to keep an eye on your health without having to schedule a doctor’s appointment. While BMI is seen as irrelevant in the fitness world, metrics such as body fat percentage, resting metabolism and visceral fat are all key health indicators.
  • The extra sensors also improve the accuracy of the scale. They work by sending a small electrical signal through the body. While other body scales may give inaccurate readings due to extra water in your legs, this Omron model takes measurements from hands and feet to ensure an accurate reading.
  • For most people, the 90 day memory is sufficient as hopefully you will be well on the road to achieving your fitness goals. The 4 individual profiles ensure the entire family can join in.
  • It comes with batteries included which is convenient and it also has a log sheet to help you keep track of your fitness.


  • It doesn’t appear to be accurate if you have a muscular build so it isn’t a good choice for athletes or bodybuilders.
  • The sensors also don’t seem to provide an accurate reading if you’re sweating or have a fever.

Omron HBF-514C Body Composition Monitor Customer Reviews

How To Use Omron HBF-514C Body Composition Monitor

Those who were positive about the Omron scale said it helped motivate them into following a healthier lifestyle. It is much more than being a mere weighing scale; the different measurements allow you to determine if you have a dangerous level of visceral fat for example. Other positive reviews said the scale was extremely reliable and the inclusion of batteries was also praised.

The vast majority of negative reviews centered on the fact that the scale is not suitable for athletes. It appears to provide wildly inaccurate readings for users with a muscular build. An example includes one customer who had 14% body fat being told he had 25% by the scale.

Final Verdict


This Omron model uses hi-tech sensors in order to ensure an accurate bioelectrical impedance reading. Instead of having to book an appointment with a physician or personal trainer, you can use Omron’s Full Body Sensing to get a better indication of your weight and body fat:



With a total of 7 metrics, you can get close to a full body check-up in the comfort of your home. Along with the usual array of fitness indicators, the Omron HBF-514C includes Resting Metabolism, Body Age and Skeletal Muscle. These metrics can help you determine if your health is on a slippery slope and enables you to engage in a healthier lifestyle before it’s too late:



This depends entirely on your existing build. This Omron model is highly accurate if you are of ‘normal’ build or are carrying excess fat. Unfortunately, it is way off the mark if you have an athletic or muscular build:



The Omron body composition monitor falls into mid-range in terms of price. It does however provide you with enough fitness indicators to help you achieve your goals:



If you’re interested in your general health and fitness and want to know whether you need to follow a healthier lifestyle, the Omron HBF-514C is a reasonably good choice. However, it is not the right option for athletes or bodybuilders:


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