Omron HBF-306C BodyLogic Hand Held Body Fat Monitor Review
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While most of the body fat monitors on the market resemble a traditional weighing scale in terms of appearance, the Omron HBF-306C breaks the mold as this handheld device is designed for convenience.

Unlike other scales that send electrical pulses through your bare feet, this handheld device sends the current through your hands. Read on to discover if this is an effective method of measuring body fat and other metrics.

Omron BodyLogic Hand Held Body Fat Monitor Features

Unique Sensor: The monitor is designed in the shape of a video game control so you have to hold the handles. The tiny currents pass into your body through your hands and provide you with your weight, BMI and body fat percentage.

Tape Measure: The monitor also comes with a special 60 inch MyoTape which can be used to measure any body part.

Quick & Easy Settings: It has Athletic and Normal settings so you can switch depending on your physique and goals. It has a 9 person memory and a guest mode while it provides you with results in just 7 seconds.


  • It offers a quick method of weighing yourself and determining your body fat percentage. All you have to do is grab the handles and it gives you a reading in seconds.
  • It’s a very inexpensive way to keep track of your body fat levels.
  • The Omron HBF-306C is extremely small so there’s no issue with storage.
  • Even a very large family can share the monitor as it allows up to 9 different profile settings and also has a guest mode.
  • It comes with the 2 x AAA batteries it needs to work which is very handy!


  • It only measures weight, BMI and body fat percentage so is not the best option for someone interested in measuring metrics such as metabolic age, bone mass and water weight.
  • It isn’t as accurate as more expensive models. Since the current only passes through the hands, it only provides an estimate for most of the body. Machines that have currents passing through the legs are more accurate.
  • You must hold the monitor out in front of you when using it. If you hold it down by your waist, the reading will be very inaccurate.

Omron BodyLogic Hand Held Body Fat Monitor Customer Reviews

Customers who were positive about the monitor said it did everything they expected. Although the body fat percentage measurement is the only thing that separates it from an old-fashioned scale, its handheld nature means it is a big hit with users. The measuring tape is also an excellent addition as it allows you to keep track of important metrics such as waist, thigh and chest circumference.

Users who gave this Omron model a poor review questioned the overall accuracy of the device. Although holding the device for a body fat measurement is certainly convenient, it simply isn’t as accurate as monitors you stand on. Some users said that they measured themselves three times in quick succession and ended up with completely different results.

Final Verdict


It is certainly a unique method of measuring body fat. All you need to do is grab the handles and you’ll learn your results in a matter of seconds. It is a quick and easy way to get an idea of your weight and body fat but unfortunately, it isn’t as good as monitors with a more traditional design:



This monitor analyzes your BMI and provides you with a body fat reading. It also includes a tape measure to help you gauge your physique. However, it doesn’t offer any other readings which is an issue if you want a clearer overview of your health:



While it isn’t precise compared to its more expensive counterparts, it does an okay job overall:



It is priced at less than half the price of high-end body monitors but is actually more expensive than the Weight Guru which offers a far greater variety of measurements:



If you want a fast and simple way to get an idea of your body fat percentage, the Omron HBF-306C is a decent choice. You don’t have to go to the trouble of stepping on the scales and there are no problems with storage. However, if you’re serious about your health and wish to achieve certain fitness goals, the better option is one of the numerous monitors that send electrical currents through the feet, not the hands:


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