EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review
Value For Money7.5
8.3Overall Score

The EatSmart bathroom scale is one of Amazon’s best sellers. This is the updated version which features improved AutoOn Technology and Sensor Accuracy as the brand looks to compete with its rivals. Keep reading to determine if you should join the legion of EatSmart customers or look elsewhere.

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Features

Giant LCD Display:The LCD display is 3.5 inches and also has an Accubright blue backlight which means it is easy to see from any angle even in the dark.

Precision Sensors: The scale has 4 sensors which provide you with a reading accurate to 0.2 pounds. The scale’s weight capacity is 400 pounds.

Step-On Technology: There is no need to press any buttons, simply step on the scale and it will automatically provide you with your measurements.

Body Tape Measure: You can track the inches lost as well as the weight lost! It is designed to be easier to use than a traditional tape measure as well as being a lot more accurate.

Data Storage: The scale records your previous weight so you can find out how much you’ve lost or gained since the last time you stepped on the scale.

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review


  • We loved the fact that the EatSmart weighing scale had minimal packaging in comparison to other brands. The version we tested also had a handle so there was no danger of dropping and breaking the scale immediately! The scale requires 4xAAA batteries which were included and it was also simple to calibrate.
  • The tempered glass design and slim nature of the scale means it looks fantastic in any contemporary bathroom.
  • We’ve heard plenty of complaints about scales that absolutely eat batteries but this bathroom scale is different. The Step-On Technology means the scale is only ever in use when you need it.


  • While we didn’t come across this issue when we used the scale, other users have complained about a possible defect. After purchasing the EatSmart bathroom scale, some customers have said that it doesn’t calibrate correctly and provides results that are way off where they should be. This is something to be wary of right out of the box.
  • According to some customers, the scale can crack if it collides with another object which is a problem since the scale is made from glass. Again, we didn’t experience this problem but it is a concern.

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Verified Customer Reviews

According to EatSmart this particular bathroom scale has been the best selling scale on Amazon for 7 consecutive years.

The main positive from users was the accuracy of the scale which, once it is calibrated properly, seems to be comparable with the best scales on the market. Users were also impressed by how easy it was to set up and use. Most importantly perhaps, the customer service offered by EatSmart was widely praised. Even customers that offered negative reviews were happy with the service provided by the company.

The main complaint amongst users was the seeming fragility of the digital scale. While the tempered glass design is easy on the eye, there are concerns over its durability. Some users said it shattered when it hit off a hard surface and caused glass to spray all over the floor.

Final Verdict


The EatSmart precision scale is a level above your traditional weighing scale as it is highly accurate thanks to its sensors. It also has an excellent LCD display and it memorizes your last weight so it is fit for purpose.



It is a basic scale that measures weight but it does come with a tape measure so you can keep track of crucial metrics such as waist circumference.



The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale has 4 feet which kind of sink into the ground as they adjust to account for any unevenness on the surface. The sensors allow for a high degree of accuracy which is the single most important feature of any weighing scale.



We felt that it was a little expensive for a body weight scale. It is possible to purchase digital scales that offer other metrics such as body fat % etc. for a few dollars more.



If you’re in the market for a body weight scale, this offering from EatSmart is certainly one of the best around.


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