Amphipod AirFlow Microstretch Belt Review
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With a huge range of products already on the market, all of which have been received favourably amongst the health-conscious public, Amphipod has long established itself as one of the major forces in the fitness industry. Now, turning their attentions to the area of exercise belts, hopes are high that the company will produce yet another winner where so many other manufacturers have come up short.

So how does it work?

Upon first glance one might be taken aback by the apparently small size of the Amphipod. It is only when it is slipped onto the larger user however, that its stretch-ability becomes obvious, the seemingly diminutive belt being able to extend to approximately four times its original size. So too the pocket is capable of expanding, the 9 inch x 2 inch compartment able to accommodate items as large as a Galaxy S6 or I-phone 6. Whereas other belts opt for buckles, the Amphipod sports a zipper, giving you peace of mind that your belongings will remain exactly where you left them.

Most importantly however, is how well it performs whilst out on the trail or the treadmill and on this front, there can be no doubt that the manufacturers put quite some time and effort into ensuring that the Amphipod is practically peerless. Whilst it has become the industry standard to insist that your product does not bounce, with the Amphipod this actually does seem true, and with all this coming in at an affordable price, you really would have to go a long way to find a better deal.

There’s a lot of very similar products for a very similar price…

So no one is saying that the Amphipod is attempting to do anything revolutionary here. What they are doing however, is taking a tried and trusted design, adapting it to the needs of the modern user, all the while using materials that are simply of a superior quality than many of their competitors. The pocket is made out of a thin mesh which allows the air to circulate, keeping both you and your belongings from excess sweating, a near indispensable advantage the Amphipod has over non-ventilated alternatives, especially when you consider the huge cost of the gadgets we so commonly carry around.

Unlike some other brands out there, the Amphipod is divided into separate compartments, meaning that expensive I-phone screen need not be scratched by a set of keys, not to mention the added convenience of knowing where in your belt each items lies without having to fumble through one compartment after another. As a final point, the Amphipod also comes with a reflective band which is placed at the rear and alerting drivers to your presence when you are out on a night-time run.

Surely there must be some criticisms?

Unfortunately for the Amphipod, it still suffers from the one problem that no exercise belt has yet seemed to satisfactorily address, namely that of how it can be worn by female users without persistently rising up around the chest or instead slipping down below the waistline. The issue stems from the fact that the wider hips of ladies offer an obvious point which to fasten it to but, over the course of a workout, if the belt is to move but an inch in either direction, it is then liable to move further up the slimmer female waist.

Although Amphipod is far from the only manufacturer to experience this problem, there are a number of alternative designs out there that deviate from the typical tubular design, notably the Running Buddy exercise pouch, that do go some way in rectifying the problem.

So should this be my next running belt?

If you are looking for a belt that can be relied upon to remain both comfortable and secure as well as being produced with real attention to detail then frankly, yes it should. Regardless of your waistline, the Amphipod provides a secure but non-restricting fit while the pockets offer more than ample room for any necessity that you might need; reason enough that it has become the exercise belt of choice amongst competitive long distance runners.

Of course, as has been mentioned previously, the Amphipod does have certain limitations for those of the female form but quite honestly, until the technology behind the tubular running belts improved to tackle the problem, there are few other manufacturers out there that provide a viable alternative and certainly not one that will effectively stand the test of time, meaning the Amphipod might very well be the last exercise belt you need ever buy.

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