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In a world that is growing increasingly more hectic, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet especially for those of us who seem to find ourselves continually on the go. Home-cooked meals can be a time consuming not to mention labour-intensive chore while fast food offers a temptingly available if nutritionally void alternative.

Nevertheless, for those who are serious about maintaining a nutritious diet, keeping a well-balanced, homemade meal close to hand is one of the most important measures on the path to good health.

But between the office, the subway station and the gym, it can be difficult to know how and where to store your culinary creations. This is where the Jaxx FitPak hopes to help by offering a convenient and transportable storage system.

How Much Storage Space Does The Jaxx FitPak Have?

Jaxx FitPak SizeThe Jaxx FitPak comes with six containers in total, (two 1 Cup containers and four 2 cup containers) all of which are marked with measurements so as you can be sure you are getting the intake you require. The contents fit compactly together, guaranteeing there is no unnecessary wastage of space, the entire FitPak able to comfortably fit into most gym-bags.

It must be said however that for those who require a little more sustenance – the hard-core bodybuilders or those preparing for a triathlon – these containers may prove rather small, catering more for snacks than to full meals, a shortcoming that is only partially addressed by the Jaxx Shaker bottle attached on outside of the FitPak and the five compartment vitamin Box also included. Nevertheless, measuring 12” long x 7” deep” x 9” tall when fitted with containers and shaker bottle, the Jaxx FitPak will more than meet the needs of most users.


How Does The Jaxx FitPak Perform?

Generally very well. The FitPak does pretty much exactly as its manufacturers claim it does, storing your food in a safe and compact manner. The PEVA lining is extremely easy to clean and PVC free while all the containers are BPA free and dishwasher safe. That is not to say the FitPak has not been without its detractors however.

The first and most commonly voiced objection is to the containers themselves or, more accurately, the lids which can prove extremely difficult to open. Additionally, several users have claimed that the included ice-pack, designed to keep your food cool, is not really fit for purpose and have opened up their FitPak only to find their creations spoiled by the heat. In order to resolve this problem they often switch out the provided ice-pack for their own but needed to sacrifice one of the containers in order for it to fit. A common complaint is that the bag only comes with a handle and not a shoulder strap.

Most worryingly however, is the apparent fragility of the shaker bottle, which has been known to shatter after a seemingly innocuous falls. These however, are isolated incidents and are dwarfed by the vast number of positive user reviews claiming the FitPak meets all the criteria of an ideal meal prep bag.


Jaxx FitPak Review

What About The Quality Of The Jaxx FitPak?

Immediately upon opening your new Jaxx FitPak, the production quality of the FitPak is obvious. The exterior is extremely sleek and well put together, the superiority of the materials apparent to the touch. The only downside however is the limited range of color combinations that it is available in.

Coming almost exclusively in red and black or pink and black, the FitPak look a little more feminine that many users might prefer. Nevertheless, for ladies who enjoy the women’s touch, or men who are comfortable connecting with their more delicate side, the FitPak’s observably high standards, regardless of color, are sure to turn heads at any gym.


Does The Jaxx FitPak Offer Good Value For Money?

When first setting out in search of a fitness-orientated lunch box, many customers are taken aback by the seemingly inflated prices that many manufacturers are asking. Even at a cursory glance, prices can be as high as $80 for a relatively basic bag or even more than $100 at the higher end, price tags that can seem excessive for what, to the casual observer, appears to be little more than a stylish if rather functional lunch box.

In a field that has plenty of expensive competitors however, the Jaxx FitPak is reassuringly cheap. Considering too, the aforementioned quality and durability of the FitPak (shaker bottle not withstanding), users can remain confident that this is the last meal prep bag they need purchase for quite some time.


Is The Jaxx FitPak The Best Meal Prep Bag On The Market?

As is clear from the above appraisals, we are solid supporters of the FitPak. Whilst it may be a little too restrictive for gym-goers with the most sizeable of appetites, the FitPak provides more than ample room for anyone who finds themselves a little peckish during their after-office workout or for anyone who simply enjoys the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal on the go, all whilst maintaining a pleasing appearance and solid exterior you would expect from one of the fitness industry’s most trusted names. And with a peerlessly reasonable price tag and near universal good reviews, what’s stopping the FitPak becoming your next weapon in the fight for good health?


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