Isolator Fitness Isobag 3 Meal Management System Review
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Everyone with a grandmother knows that there is no substitute for a home-cooked meal. Not only are they packed with all the care and attention of your loved ones, they are also crammed full of the nutritional goodness that the office canteen simply cannot replicate; not to mention the cost benefits you will enjoy by shunning that daily helping of overpriced burger and fries. But with our everyday lives ever more dominated by briefcases, laptops and assorted gizmos, we can find space to be at a premium, space that we can ill-afford to waste on the remnants of last night’s lasagne. Thankfully however, the Isolator Fitness Isobag 3 is here to help.

How Much Storage Space Does The Isolator Fitness Isobag 3’s Have? Will It Hold Everything I Need?

The standard Isobag comes with six containers, one 38 oz, one 28 oz, one 12 oz and three 16 oz. However it is possible to purchase additional containers, with various combinations being able to fit comfortably inside the Isobag, most notably three 38 oz containers or even four 28 oz containers. This can be particularly beneficial for customers who intended to share their meal prep bag with their family or partner, the Isobag proving versatile enough to cater towards both those who prefer larger meals and those who would rather a selection of smaller snacks.

The manufacturers of the Isobag also make the bold claim that their product is 40% smaller and lighter that their competitors whilst simultaneously being able to store more food, a claim that does not seem to be without merit. Additionally, it also features a front compartment, two side pockets and two further mesh pockets which can facilitate everything from knives and forks to energy bars.


Isolator Fitness Isobag 3 Meal Management System Review Food Containers

Does The Isolator Fitness Isobag 3 Perform Effectively?

One of the most noteworthy advantages of the Isobag is its two reusable ice-packs which not only outlast competitors in terms of staying power but are also much more effective, able to keep food cold for up to twelve hours. Indeed, it is the competency of these ice-packs that allow the Isobag to use its space much more efficiently which in turn means greater comfort for the user, comfort that is only heightened by the padded shoulder strap which can be converted into a backpack if desired.

The BPA-free containers are also extremely durable and can stand up to all kinds of treatment, whether this be in the microwave, dishwasher or freezer. As a final advantage, the Isobag also comes equipped with a one-year warranty once you register your new meal prep bag on their website.


What About The Quality Of Isolator Fitness Isobag 3?

Although the aesthetics of the Isobag are not something the will concern many users, there can be no denying its’ striking and indeed distinctiveappearance right out of the box. The mesh pockets give the bag an airy yet professional feel while the bright but never garish coloring is sure to catch more than a few attentions. That being said however, there will be selection of customers who will be somewhat disappointed by the rather limited range of colors available, the purple and black option seeming to cater more to those of a feminine persuasion.

What is more troubling however, is the fact that, despite the apparent quality of production, the Isobag had been known to succumb to premature wear and tear, inadequate stitching being the most common culprit. Whilst these complaints are certainly within the minority of users, they are too common to be ignored and should certainly factor into the decision making of anyone intending to use their meal prep bag on a daily basis.


Does The Isolator Fitness Isobag 3 Offer Good Value For Money?

The Isobag, whilst not exactly an inconsequential purchase, is far from the most expensive meal prep bag on the market and one that Is likely to fulfil the needs of all but the most particular of gym-goers. Indeed, considering the ample storage space and thoughtful layout, the Isobag could prove the perfect accompaniment for anyone looking to maximize the benefits of their workout regime with a few home-cooked meals.

Nevertheless, with the aforementioned problems regarding potential rips, tears and allegations that their customer serviceis far from responsive, users unfortunate enough to find themselves with a less than functional bag may well find themselves forking out for a replacement much sooner than they had envisaged.


Would We Recommend The Isobag 3 To Anyone Looking For A Meal Prep Bag?

In short, no. Whilst is cannot be denied that the Isobag performs exceedingly well on the storage front as well as proving extremely adept at keeping your food cool for long periods of time, the shortcomings in quality and potential for disaster cannot be ignored. With a not unreasonable price-tag, many customers may choose to take this chance and for a vast majority of them, they will find themselves with a bag that is not only extremely functional but one also that very much looks the part.

For those unlucky few however, they may just find themselves with a meal prep bag that quite simply is not fit for purpose and one that may need to be replaced within a depressingly short period of time. And with plenty of similarly priced alternatives out there, why take the chance?

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