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Even those of us who possess little to no culinary panache can appreciate the value of a home cooked meal. They are cheaper, invariably more satisfying, not to mention the huge range of nutritional benefits they offer. But as anyone seeking to live a healthier lifestyle will know, it is not always easy finding a means by which to carry these meals around with us, let alone how to make sure they remain as appetising as when we first rustled them us. This is where the Fitmark Meal Management Box hopes to be of service.

How Much Food Can I Store In The Fitmark Meal Management Box?

The first thing anyone familiar with meal prep bags will notice is fact the Fitmark only includes two meal containers. Whilst these are both of extremely high quality, sure to keep your food safe and large enough to store meals that can satisfy even the hungriest of fitness aficionados, this does severely limit the variations in food that users can enjoy, something which puts the Fitmark at quite the disadvantage when comparing it to its competitors.

This problem is only partially addressed by the customer shaker bottle that is included, customers having been impressed by the efficient way in which its agitator mixes protein supplements or vitamin mix. Whilst its 798 cubic inch capacity does mean that an assortment of energy bars and other snacks can also find space inside the Fitmark, customers may be frustrated by the lack of variety this meal prep bag affords.


How Does The Fitmark Actually Perform?

As has become standard with meal prep bag, the Fitmark’s containers are all BPA Free as well as being both microwave and dishwasher safe. The luggage strap allows for exterior attachment while the Fitmark can usually be stored, with a little effort, into most gym bags while the ice-packs have received much praise as a means of keeping food chilled all day.

Although reviews of the Fitmark have generally been very positive, the most common concerns (besides the limited amount of containers) is that the bag can be a little two heavy and bulky, something that must be a major consideration for anyone who finds themselves moving about a lot during the day. Additionally, some users have been dissatisfied with the number of pockets available although it must be said that there is enough space in the bag to store any extra snacks or cutlery you could conceivably require.


What About The Quality Of The Fitmark? How Does It Look?

Made with either nylon of polyester, the Fitmark possesses a great deal of durability and even with daily use and the demands of an active lifestyle, this is a meal bag that is liable to last for some time. For those who put a little extra emphasis on appearance however, the Fitmark can be found wanting. Coming in a limited and rather unvaried selection of colors – black, grey, red, pink and purple – many may find the aesthetics of the bag unremarkable and may instead opt for some of the flashier options on the market.


Does The Fitmark Offer Good Value For Money?

The Fitmark is certainly on the lower end of the price spectrum and given the durability already mentioned, customers can rest assured that they are in possession of a bag that will last for quite some time. Nevertheless, this is a no frills, no spills kind of meal prep bag, equipped with only the bare essentials and many customers may feel rather aggrieved at paying this not insignificant price when, for just a little bit more, a range of flashier and more versatile bags are available. For those whose needs are simpler however, The Fitmark offers an affordable option and one that will be forever reliable without ever dazzling.


Is The Fitmark The Best Meal Management Bag On The Market?

As can clearly be seen from the above reviews, the Fitmark is not exactly without its faults. Most notable of these is the conspicuous lack of containers it offers, a problem that would have been easily addressed had manufacturers simply offering individual containers in smaller sizes. Less importantly is the appearance of the bag which is nondescript at best and while this will not concern everyone, considering the wide range of meal prep bags already on the market, the Fitmark is unlikely to catch too many attentions.

Nevertheless, what the Fitmark lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in reliability, its solid production quality ensuring that it will last longer than many of its flashier competitors. This makes it ideal for those who are purchasing their first meal prep bag or those simply whose needs do not stretch beyond somewhere to store their lunch, dinner as well as a few snacks. A commendable if rather unexceptional effort.

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