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It is an all too common problem amongst fitness fanatics; how to ensure a healthy diet whilst out and about. On-the-go lunches cater more to haste than to taste or nutrition while fast food can be disaster for your waistline; and let’s not even mention the slop served up in the office canteen.

However, preparing and carrying your own meals can bring its own problems. All of us are familiar with the disorder of containers cluttering up our gym-bag or briefcase or worse, that one lid that seems determined to ruin your day by never quite closing properly and deciding to open itself when it’s inside of your bag.

Fortunately the good people at Six Pack have a solution. With the release of its Innovator meal prep bag, the industry leader have earned praise from users and reviewers alike, many insisting that it is the best on the market. But are the tributes deserved? We tested one to find out.

How Much Storage Space Does The 6 Pack Fitness Innovator Offer?

6 Pack Fitness Innovator Storage Space As has become Six Pack’s custom, the Innovator comes in a range of sizes; the 500 – capable of storing up to five meals, the 300 – capable of storing three meals and the Mini, a limited edition model which is also able to carry three meals. The 500 measures 17”x9”x13.5” and weighs approximately five pounds while the 300 and Mini models are similarly spatially efficient, armed with two side pockets for water or shaker bottles as well as a top compartment designed to store cutlery, energy bars and other knick-knacks.

Although these provide ample space for anything any gym-goer could conceivably require, it is worth noting that the Mini model does not have the huge range of additional benefits its larger cousins enjoy although quite frankly, few will notice as all variations of the Innovator boast a range of features that dwarf its competitors.


How Does The 6 Pack Fitness Innovator Perform?

Perhaps the most common commendation given to the Innovator are due to its snap-shut lids which afford security whilst will not prove immoveable when hunger does strike. As has become industry standard, the containers are BPA/PVC free, microwaveable, leak proof, and dishwasher safe although more uniquely, can be personalized, the dividers being adjustable so as to cater fully to your dietary needs.

The interior of the Innovator is entirely insulated and is adept at keeping meals chilled for up to and over an eight hour period. Given that you will be spending a lot of time carrying your meal prep bag around with you, it is also reassuring to know that the patented ergonomic shoulder and hand strap guarantees comfort, something which is invaluable to anyone who finds themselves on their feet all day. Worryingly however, the most common problem with the Innovator is the Gel Packs’ tendency to rupture, a fault that can not only be irritating but downright disastrous if stored with anything more valuable than lunch. This should not be an undue concern however as this has only occurred in a very small number of cases.


What About The Quality Of The 6 Pack Fitness Innovator?

Six Pack is a brand that has become synonymous with quality. Right out of the box, the Innovator is evidently well put together, its appearance sleek and its touch pleasant. All variations of the Innovator are available in simple black however there are a range of other options available for those who prefer their meal prep bags with a little more personality. The Mini model comes in combinations of red and grey or pink and purple while the 500 and 300 have the additional option of green and grey.

Several users have complained that the Innovator can be clunky and there have even been reports that it does not stand up well to wear and tear. These complaints however are certainly in the minority and it is important to remember that customer services have been quick to refund or replace any bag that is not up to Six Pack’s standards.


Does The 6 Pack Fitness Innovator Offer Good Value For Money?

Whilst it cannot be denied that the Innovator excels on virtually front, there can also be no denying that this is reflected in the price, prices that could well deter those more economically minded. Given the already mentioned tendency to become prematurely tattered, this is justifiably a concern however for those seeking the best, this cost will be rewarded by a meal prep bag that does everything asked of it and more.


Is the 6 Pack Fitness Innovator The Best Meal Prep Bag On The Market?

There can be little doubt that the Innovator is a great bag and it seems reasonable to contest that it is indeed the best that money can buy. Unfortunately, it is indeed quite a lot of money. Nevertheless, for those who are willing to foot the initial bill, the Innovator will be sure to deliver anything you require of it, storing large amounts of food for long periods of time all the while looking like a very sleek piece of equipment. Concerns over longevity and the fortitude of the Gel Packs are not to be discounted but these blemishes are far outweighed by the Innovator’s virtues. A bag that deserves both its hype and if not its price tag.

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