6 Pack Fitness Expedition Backpack Meal Management System Review
Value For Money7
8.3Overall Score

With the market practically saturated with meal prep bags, it is difficult for a single manufacturer to stand out. But with a great deal of ambition and no little effort, the folks at Six Pack Bags have attempted to do just that, billing the Expedition Backpack as the ultimate in its field. It certainly has no shortage of features andboasts near universal acclaim fromboth independent reviewers and the first wave of customers. But how does it really stack up? We took it for a spin to find out.

How Much Storage Space Does The Expedition Backpack Offer?

6 Pack Fitness Expedition Backpack Meal Mangement System ContainersThe first point to note is the fact that the Expedition Backpack is available in two models, the 300, which can store three full meals and the larger 500, which can store up to five as well as an additional pocket to keep your cutlery.

Unlike other meal prep bags, the Six Pack’s containers are actually large enough to store sizeable meals which can be further added to by supplements and energy bars stored in a specialized container. There are also two side pockets large enough to house four shaker bottles. The main compartment is an ideal spot to keep you work-out gear and various personal items while there are also a series of pockets for wallets, keys, phones and whatever other smaller belongings cluttering up your gym bag.

Perhaps most importantly however, is the Fleece-lined technology compartment that is capable of storing up to 15″ laptop and tablet without the risk of having it come into contact with your food or worse, your sweaty gym clothes. Effectively, this allows the Expedition Backpack to operate not only as a meal prep bag but also as a far more versatile carrier suitable for everyday use.


How Well Does The Expedition Backpack Perform?

Given the huge amount of storage space the Expedition Backpack has, it may be surprising that it is in no way unpleasant to carry, even for extended periods of time. This comfort is ensured by a deluxe padded back and shoulder straps while the adjustable strap can be fitted across your waist to maximize stability. A further strength of the Expedition Backpack can be seen in its ice packs which are capable for keeping food chilled for periods of up to eight hours.

However, whilst these are keenly effective, there have been reports from several users that these have the tendency to rip and can be difficult to replace. This though, is one of the very few complaints levelled at the Expedition Backpack and these have been far outweighed by the praise earned for its snap-shut containers which, while secure, do not suffer from the difficulty in opening that many of the other meal prep bags do.


What About The Quality Of The Expedition Backpack? How Does It Look?

To even the most untrained eye, the quality of Expedition Backpack should be immediately obvious. Made from the leak-proof ballistic Nylon, the bag is also equipped with superior zippers, the solid body of the Expedition Backpack meaning that it does not collapse when empty. Some customers have stated that they regard the Expedition Backpack as rather clunky but most users have been impressed by its overall appearance. In addition to the standard black, the Expedition Backpack 500 also comes in combinations of red and grey or green and grey while the Expedition Backpack 300 has one further option of pink and purple, ensuring that virtually all tastes are catered to.


Does The Expedition Backpack Offer Good Value For Money?

As is clear from the aforementioned appraisals, the Six Pack Expedition Backpack is an undeniably excellent piece of equipment, furnished with everything its needs to considered the premier meal prep bag on the market. This unfortunately, is reflected in its price. The price of the Expedition Backpack 500 makes it a substantial purchase regardless of how many applications it has and how well it performs, many might be consider that price tag to high and instead opt for a more economical if inferior alternative.

The Expedition Backpack 300 is only slightly cheaper but it is worth remember that with both models, you are paying for quality that lasts and with a bag of this standard, you can be sure that it is the last meal prep bag you will have to buy for a very long time.


So Is The Expedition Backpack The Best Meal Prep Bag On The Market?

Quite possibly yes. With an unrivalled number of applications married with exceptional ease of use, the Six Pack Expedition Backpack has virtually everything anyone could need from a modern meal prep bag. Not only does it store more food than you could reasonably require, it is also capable of storing your day-to-day essentials, from laptops to a change of clothes. The inflated cost may be enough to ward of some potential buyers but anyone willing to meet the initial asking price will find themselves in possession of a supremely impressive piece of kit.

That being said, there are some niggles in regard to production quality that really should not be the case with a bag of this price, although admittedly these are in the minority. A meal prep bag with a large price-tag but with quality to match.

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