The Real Zeal Infuze Bottle With Integrated Juicer Review
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Let’s face it, in the land of water bottles, there’s not a whole lot of creativity out there. Most products, in some way or another, look the same. The Infuze by The Real Zeal is a fruit infusing water bottle that is certainly breaking the mold. If you’re someone that needs to get more water in their diet, and you want something fancy schmancy to do it with, you may be interested in this bad boy. That being said, let’s go ahead and go over the good points about this bottle:

The Good

The first thing I want to mention about this bottle is its design. This is a bottle that not only looks different, but feels different as well. It’s one of those things you just have to hold in your hand and feel the difference.

In addition to being quite unique in shape and texture, the water bottle comes in a plethora of color options, including:

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • White/Green
  • Yellow

At its price point, this makes it perfect for people who are on a budget. A sturdy design allows you to take the bottle practically anywhere you go. You can feel free to take this fruit infuser on a hiking trip, just as safely and easily as you could bring it to the office. Pick out whichever color you like the best, and run with it! Whichever you choose, the exterior of the bottle is frosted, which makes it look more expensive despite being budget-friendly. The bottle is 100% BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals from the bottle getting into your water.

The fruit infuser, unlike most water bottles, is located at the bottom of this bottle. That way, every single drop of water will be infused with your ingredients. Water bottles that have the infuser at the top don’t offer this type of infusion, because once the water level dips below the infuser, your ingredients are no longer seeping into your water.

The flip top design, which can be easily operated with one finger, means that you can drink from the bottle with ease. This especially comes in handy when driving in a car. The last thing you want to mess with while trying to navigate through traffic is one of those screw on tops that are a pain to take off and put back on. The bottle also has a built-in juicing function, so you can juice your fruits right into the water without making a mess. The bottle can be taken apart, splitting up into four separate pieces, making it very easy to clean. It even comes with a free cleaning brush.

The Real Zeal offers a 100% money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the bottle, you can send it right back to the company and they’ll hook you up with a total refund. The product is featured on Amazon Prime, so if you decide to purchase it and you are a Prime member, you can receive free 2-day shipping.

Additional Features

– Removable handle, so you can easily carry it around.

– Ability to fit in most vehicle cup holders.

– There’s a locking mechanism on the bottle.

– It’s dishwasher safe, but still, make sure you put it on the top rack to be on the safe side.

The Bad

A lot of people are going to come up to you and ask you where you got the bottle! One point in which they could improve is by including a logo on their bottles which would help to give the bottle or more complete and overall polished feel to it. I would also add that there isn’t that much space for fruit in this bottle, in fact there is probably only enough space for half a lemon and so you will be somewhat limited in the fruit combinations that you can try.

Having said that if you like to stick with simple single fruit flavors it is still one of the best bottles of its type on the market, especially for the price point.

Should You Buy It?

Without a doubt, the Infuze by The Real Zeal is one of the best fruit infusing water bottles on the market today. This bottle is not only breaking the mold by how it looks, but it’s great at what it’s meant for, as well. At it’s current price point, there’s absolutely no way you’re going to be able to find anything better on the market. With its looks and functionality, it could easily contend with the more high-dollar bottles out there.

If you want to start infusing your water, there’s absolutely no reason you should pass up on what The Real Zeal has to offer, unless you’re on an ultra tight budget and looking for something on the lower end of the price scale. Even then, I’d highly suggest just saving up the extra cash until you’re able to afford this bottle. In all honesty, I’ve found the perfect bottle, and would highly suggest this to anyone and everyone who is looking for a fruit infuser.

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