LA Organics Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 24 Oz Review
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Staying hydrated is something that a lot of people simply don’t do. A lot of us out there are suffering symptoms of dehydration and don’t even know it, which is why it’s so important to grab a nice, ice cold glass of water. But sometimes you want a little bit more, and that’s where fruit infuser bottles like the Infuser Water Bottle by LA Organics come into play. This little guy makes it very simple to make your own fruit infused water, whilst being an extremely efficient water bottle in its own right. Let’s go ahead and look over some of the pros and cons:

The Good

One of the key things that draw people to the Infuser Water Bottle by LA Organics is the fact that it’s on the extreme low end as far as pricing is concerned. Right now, you can get this bad boy extremely cheaply on Amazon. There’s no doubt I have your interest at this point, so let’s go ahead and get down to the good points about the bottle.

Let’s face it, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find anything functional at this price point. The company boasts that their product is “100% BPA Free,” which is something a lot of people take into consideration with their purchases these days. Basically, you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals making their way from the bottle into the water you’re drinking. The company also states that their bottle is “100% leak proof,” no matter how you hold the bottle. Obviously, this is a great thing, because no one wants to get covered in their own drink.

It does come with a lifetime guarantee, so if your bottle happens to break, or you need a re-placement for whatever reason, the company says that all you have to do is swing them a message and they’ll have another one shipped directly to your house.

The infuser has the ability to be removed from the bottle, which transforms the Infuser Water Bottle into a regular ol’ sports bottle. Some important design elements include the opening of the bottle being quite wide, which makes it easy to clean by hand and importantly tt is able to fit into the cupholder of a vehicle with ease.

As an added bonus the bottle also comes with an Ebook filled with recipes; a fast and easy go-to for healthy infusion ingredients.

The Bad

Now, we’re going to go ahead and look at the bad things about this bottle, and there’s definitely a few of them.

The design of the bottle is very basic. It’s an inexpensive fruit infuser bottle, and unfortunately it bares the look of an inexpensive fruit infuser bottle. The bottle only comes in one color option: green. This is a fairly safe color option for the more health-conscious crowd, but I’d still like to see more color options.

Whilst the bottle does come with a guarantee, but there’s no mention of a money-back guarantee. So while LA Organics is confident in their product, it’s unlikely that you’ll see your money back if you find yourself unhappy with it.

There’s no mention as to whether or not the bottle is dishwasher safe. Being made out of plastic, you’re likely going to have to hand wash the bottle after using it. As we just mentioned, the bottle is likely only suitable for cold liquids. I wouldn’t recommend putting anything hot in it, as this too may damage the bottle.

Unfortunately, the bottle has a screw top, which as most of us know, is not a good thing. It would be nice if the bottle had a quicker way for the user to take a drink of their beverage; such as a flip-top, straw, etc… This is particularly a problem when you’re driving in your vehicle. No one wants to screw on / off a cap while they’re navigating through traffic; it could cause you to spill your drink all over yourself or your car. In a worst-case scenario, it could even cause an accident.

Should I Buy It?

Looking at this review, you’re probably going to be taken aback by the number of bad points I touched upon. While it’s true that LA Organics’ Infuser Water Bottle looks like it comes up short in comparison with its competition, you have to keep in mind that this bottle is extremely budget-friendly. Let’s face it, you’re not going to find many fruit-infuser bottles out there for this price. Heck, for the price of this bottle, it’s hard to find an ordinary water bottle.

If you’re thinking about getting some fruit-infuser bottles for your kids because they like fruity beverages, this is probably going to be the perfect bottle for them. However, if you’re an adult with a serious, active lifestyle and you want a fruit-infusing bottle for yourself, you may want to shell out an extra few bucks to get a higher-end model.

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