One of the hottest trends in recent years in the health niche is fruit infusing water bottles. Basically, these bottles allow people to slice up fresh fruit, vegetables, and any other ingredients they want, so they can add it to their water. For a while, these types of bottles were only spotted at the gym, but now they’ve made it into offices, schools, and practically anywhere else you can think of. With a nation that is growing more health-conscious, these types of bottles are only going to get more and more popular.

Comparison: Best Fruit Infused Water Bottles 2016

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Best UK Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle UK

We are big fans of the FruitMe fruit infuser water bottle pictured. It is very similar to the InfusionPro however where we feel the FruitMe bottle stands out is in its packaging and logo. Pretty much all of the infuser bottles have very bland, generic logos and packaging which have a feel of being mass produced. The FruitMe bottle comes in a unique box and a logo that is just a lot more attractive which should be the case for a premium bottle.


  • A flip-top lid and well designed drinking spout makes it convenient to drink from even when driving.
  • The bottle comes with an insulating neoprene sleeve, which is not only appealing to the eye but is going to stop condensation from forming on the bottle.
  • There are rubber gaskets placed both in the top and bottle of the bottle to prevent leaking.
  • The bottle can be opened from both ends and the fruit infuser basket removed to be used as a conventional water bottle. This also makes it easier to clean.
  • The bottle is made from high quality Tritan plastic which is also BPA free which makes the bottle very durable.
  • The bottle is designed so that the infuser is “upside down” or placed in the bottom of the bottle as opposed to at the top of the bottle like most of its competitors. We feel this is a superior design because as you drink more, the water level obviously falls and so with the traditional design, the remaining water will no longer be in contact with the fruit and so you will lose a lot of the potential flavor. However when the infuser is placed in the bottom of the bottle, the fruit will remain submerged for the maximum amount of time possible.


Honestly there aren’t too many negatives about this product, I feel that the makers of this bottle looked at their competitors issues and tried to improve them and produce a superior product. My only slight criticism is that there are only 2 color options at the moment, black and pink. Also, although all fruit infuser water bottles claim to be dishwasher safe we would recommend you not to do so on a regular basis. This is because the hot water can lead to seals becoming a little less secure and your bottle may start leaking.

Why should I use a fruit infuser bottle? What are the benefits?

There are a ton of benefits to infusing water with fruit, herbs, vegetables, etc… It’s extremely healthy, and a great alternative for people out there who love to flavor their water with those powdery additives, which have certainly grown in popularity over the years. By using natural ingredients, such as fruit, you’ll be able to flavor your water in a healthy way. This makes it much easier for people to drink the recommended amount of water, so they can lead much healthier lives instead of walking around dehydrated all day long. Plus, you’ll be adding essential vitamins to your water, directly from the source.

What about those fruit infused waters that you can buy directly off the shelf? Aren’t those practically the same?

The infused water you see being sold on shelves at the supermarket contains additives, preservatives, sugars, food coloring, sodium, and a host of other ingredients that you simply don’t need or want. By making your own infused water at home, you’ll be able to avoid those unnecessary ingredients, and in a much more cost-effective way. Those already-infused waters aren’t only bad for your health, they’re also highly overpriced.

Drinking fruit infused water can help you lose weight…

It’s been proven in numerous studies that the simple act of drinking water can help you lose weight, but some people simply don’t like the taste of plain water — they want something more. The perfect solution is fruit infused water, as it’s natural, makes the water taste better, and will also give you the vitamins that you need. Due to the fact that fruit infused water is so low in calories, you can consume as much as you want. Plus, some ingredients that you infuse your water with can actually boost your metabolism, which will accelerate weight loss.

By drinking fruit infused water in an attempt to get your daily recommended amount of water, you’ll feel full more often. That means you’ll have less room in your stomach to consume junk food. After a couple weeks of getting your daily recommended amount of water, you’ll actually have less desire to drink and / or eat junk food. It’s a proven, natural way for your body to release fat cells. Plus, when you get those cravings for something sweet, you can reach for your bottle of fruit infused water and satiate your cravings in no time.

Did you know that drinking fruit infused water can actually help fight off diseases? Depending on the ingredients you include in your beverages, your drinks can actually help prevent things like diabetes, colds and the flu. Also, these drinks have been proven to keep the body’s pH levels in check, which can decrease the chance of cancer. Speaking of which, fruit infused water also contains anti-oxidants that will help fight off the aging process. After only a few weeks, you’ll start to feel younger, you’ll feel rejuvenated, and your skin will even feel softer.

The Different Types Of Fruit Infuser Bottles

One of the things that can confuse a lot of people out there about fruit infusing water bottles is that they do come in a variety of different styles, so many people don’t know which style to choose from. Below is a breakdown of the different styles, so you can see the benefits of each style and choose the one that suits your needs the best.


The flip-top style is a more sporty style of fruit infusing bottle. The mouthpiece flips up for easy access to your beverage, so you can snag drinks while you’re on the move. This is one of the main reasons that these are considered sport type bottles, because people in the gym typically prefer this type of bottle over any other, as the flip-top gives them the ability to quickly snag drinks from their bottle while in the middle of their workout routine.

Typically, the mouthpiece is controlled by a button or a switch near the top of the bottle. When pressed, the mouthpiece will flip up, allowing you to take a drink from the bottle. After that, you can press the mouthpiece back down until you’re ready for another drink. Typically, the mouthpiece relies on a spring so that it can flip up.

Screw Cap

This is the traditional bottle style, and is a style that most people prefer whom work in an office type environment. Whenever you want access to your water, there are a lid on the top that you have to screw off before you’re able to take a drink. A lot of people in the professional world prefer this type of bottle, as they believe it’s more presentable in the business world, and they feel as if it’s more leak-resistant. However, as stated above, you don’t get as quick access to your water as you would with a flip-top.

Location Of The Fruit Infuser Basket

A fruit infuser bottle will either have the basket located in the top of the bottle or in the bottom. Whilst having the fruit infuser basket located at the top of the bottle is most common it is preferable to have it located in the bottom. This is because as you drink more water, the water level will go down….obviously! So, if the basket is located at the top then it won’t be long before some, maybe even most of your fruit is no longer flavoring your water, where as if the basket is located in the bottom this allows your fruit to flavor your water for the maximum amount of time possible.

Built-In Juicer

Bottles that have a built-in juicer will enable you to somewhat squeeze your ingredients once they’ve been placed inside the bottle. This allows more of your ingredients to seep into the water, resulting in a much more flavorful blend.

Built-In Straw

If a sport flip-top doesn’t do the job in terms of convenience then you can get bottles that come with integrated straws. Say goodbye to having to unscrew or flip open a cap with this type of bottle.

How To Choose The Right Fruit Infuser Bottle

There are a lot of variables that come with all these different fruit infuser bottles, and a lot of questions that you’re going to have to ask yourself.

1. What type of lid do you want?

Do you want a screw cap? How about a flip-top? Would you prefer one that comes with a straw? There are many different designs that you’ll have to choose from.

2. Do you want the infuser at the bottom or at the top?

An infuser at the top means that the water will travel directly through the fruit on the way to your mouth. However, an infuser at the bottom means that your fruit will be constantly submerged until the very last drop.

3. What size do you want?

There are many sizes of bottles out there that are able to hold different amounts of water. Do you want a larger size that requires fewer refills, or do you want something smaller that is more portable?

4. Will it fit in your cup holder?

A lot of people like to keep their bottle beside of them while riding in their vehicle, so they can get a drink of water whenever they like. Is this something you’d like to do? If so, it’s important you pick a bottle that will fit in most standard sized vehicle cup holders.

5. Do you want a handle? How about a lanyard?

Some people prefer a handle to be attached to their bottle, while others may prefer a lanyard; or nothing at all.

6. Does it leak?

This is arguably the most important thing you’ll want to look for when deciding on a bottle.

Our Top 3 Fruit Infuser Bottles

With so many different bottles out there on the market, it can be a daunting task to choose the right bottle, even when you have a general idea of what type of bottle you’d like to own. Below, you’ll find three of our favorite bottles we’ve reviewed on this site thus far, which should definitely make the task of choosing the right bottle a lot easier for you.

Infusion Pro Premium

Infusion Pro Premium

Another fruit infuser bottle that is making some headway in the ever-growing fruit infusing water bottle market is the Infusion Pro Premium by Infusion Pro.


  • Dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about hand cleaning it.
  • The bottle is protected by a lifetime guarantee.
  • The bottle comes with a sweat proof design, so you don’t have to worry about condensation dripping all over your hand, in your cup holder, or even in your gym bag.
  • A flip-top lid enables you to drink from the bottle quickly.
  • There are o-rings in place that prevent the bottle from leaking, so you don’t have to worry about it spilling out in your gym bag, or down your favorite shirt while drinking from it.
  • The bottle is accessible from both ends, so if you do decide to hand clean the bottle, you’ll have easy access to do just that.
  • Comes in a 2-pack option, which will allow you to save a couple bucks if you want multiple bottles.
  • The bottle is very rugged, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking on you. Plus, if something were to go wrong, you have a lifetime guarantee.
  • The infuser is on the bottom of the bottle, which means your ingredients will be completely submerged, allowing you to get more flavorful water.


There are not a lot of bad things about this bottle, but there are a couple that stand out.

It’s not very important, but there are only three different color options to choose from. The Infusion Pro also doesn’t handle hot water very well. If you’re going to toss it in the dishwasher, you’ll want to make sure that you keep it on the top rack.

Overall, certainly a great bottle if you want a juice infuser. It’s a bottle that gets it done on all fronts.

The Real Zeal Infuze

The Real Zeal Infuze

In the land of fruit infusing water bottles, there isn’t a lot of creativity out there, as a lot of manufacturers seem to be copy-catting the competition. The Real Zeal is looking to innovate within the market, and they’re proving that with the Infuze. Below are some key points as to why we love this bottle:


  • It comes in a ton of different color options.
  • The shape and feel of this bottle is different from every other bottle on the marketplace.
  • Despite being very fairly priced this bottle looks like a high-end designer bottle.
  • Flip-top design allows for quick and easy access to your beverage.
  • Don’t be fooled by the looks of this bottle. Despite looking like a high-end bottle, it’s actually very rugged and could easily be taken with you on hikes, camping trips, etc…
  • Easily fits in most vehicle cup holders.
  • It separates into four different pieces, allowing for easy cleaning. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.
  • The mouthpiece is contoured perfectly to fit your lips.
  • Built-in juicer, so you can juice your fruit inside of the bottle, which means fewer messes in the kitchen.
  • The infuser is at the bottom of the bottle, which means your ingredients will be completely saturated by the water contained in the bottle until it’s completely empty.


There are a few improvements they could make especially in terms of branding on the bottle, where I would like to see a nice quality logo. One minor complaint is that the fruit compartment is relatively small so you aren’t going to be able to fit a whole range of fruit in there but realistically only one or at best two.

Honestly, this is one of the best bottles on the market especially when you consider its price.

Avoin Fruit Infuser

Avoin Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

The Avoin is another bottle that’s highly-regarded in the fruit infuser bottle marketplace, and is certainly worth the price. Let’s look over some of the key features about this bottle:


  • Comes in a ton of different color options for you to choose from.
  • Flip-top lid, enabling easy access to your infused H20.
  • At 27oz. this is one of the larger bottles on the market.
  • The infuser is removable, which allows the bottle to be used as a simple sports bottle.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • The bottle is able to withstand heat very well, so you don’t have to worry about it melting if you leave it in a hot environment, such as the car on a summer day.
  • In addition to being resilient to heat, the bottle is also able to be stored in freezing cold temperatures, which makes it a perfect option for people who want a fruit-infused slushy.
  • The infuser is fairly large in comparison to other bottles on the market, which means you can fit more ingredients in it.

Once again, there are not a lot of bad things about this bottle, but there are a few things that stick out:


  • Despite being advertised as a 27oz bottle, when the fruit infuser is placed inside, it can only hold about 22oz. of liquid.
  • Even though the infuser is a bit larger than most, you’ll still have to cut your ingredients fairly small in order for them to fit inside.
  • The chamber lid can be a little difficult to get on properly at times.
  • It can be said that the bottle is a bit on the cheap-looking side.

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