Avoin Fruit Infuser Sport Water Bottle 27oz Review
8.6Overall Score

The Avoin Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is one of the highest-regarded fruit-infusing bottles on the market. The Avoin is not only a sports bottle, but gives owners the ability to mix fruits, herbs, and vegetables with their water — satisfying the taste buds with nutrient-infused H2O. This is certainly an advantage in a world in which most people are infusing their water with processed powder from inside of a plastic pouch. The Avoin allows you to cut up whichever fruits or veggies you want and add them to your water, resulting in a much healthier and tastier experience.

The Good

First of all, the Avoin comes at a nice price. When looking for a good quality infusing bottle that isn’t going to break the bank, the Avoin fits the bill. For people wanting to find a reasonably priced bottle, the Avoin is a very fair deal. And for a budget product, this bottle comes in a surprising number of color varieties.

Available Colors:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange <— Personal favorite
  • Yellow

If you participate in local sports and want your sports bottle to match your team colors, you likely won’t have a problem finding the right fit. On that note, this bottle is able to be taken right on to the field with you. With its extremely resilient material, you won’t have to worry about causing any sort of damage to it.

Beyond the multitude of color options and durable, scratch-resistant material, some of the other key features with the Avoin fruit infuser include:

• Flip-top lid, so you neither have to worry about your drink spilling out, nor bugs getting in.

• The infuser is removable, transforming the bottle into a reliable 27oz. sports bottle.

• The bottle is dishwasher safe, making it very easy to clean and perfect for life on the go.

• The bottle can withstand intense heat. Hence you don’t have to worry about it melting, even if you leave it in a scorching hot car in the middle of summer.

• Likewise, the Avoin can withstand freezing cold temperatures. This makes the bottle perfect for people who like to freeze their water to make an infused slushy.

• The subpar design of some rival fruit-infusers allow things such as seeds to seep through the infuser and into your drink. Luckily, this infuser does not have this problem.

• The infuser itself is fairly large when compared to other infusing water bottles.

The Bad

• Despite the fact that the infuser is a bit larger when compared to other bottles, you’ll still have to cut your produce into small pieces when wanting to infuse with multiple fruits and/or veggies. For instance, you won’t be able to add an orange slice in its entirety into the infusing chamber on top of other fruits and/or vegetables.

• The chamber lid can be a little bit tricky at times — proving difficult to screw on. It usually takes a couple tries before it goes on. This could potentially result in cross threading.

• The material may seem to be a bit cheap-looking and have a cheap feel to it. This could be just a case of judging a book by its cover, as the company stands by their word that the product is made out of quality, durable material.

• There are no visible markers on the bottle that allow you to reference how much liquid is in your cup.

• With the infuser inserted, the bottle holds about 22oz of water, versus the advertised 27oz.

So, is this thing worth it or what?

I’d say this is the perfect bottle for someone looking for an infuser that’s not going to cost an arm and a leg. A lot of people go by the saying that you get what you pay for, but keep in mind, this particular bottle can be seen on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Now, I have a feeling that Khloe Kardashian didn’t have to keep her budget in mind when she picked one of these up, so let that resonate for a while.

When weighing out the price next to all of the key features I mentioned above, you definitely can’t beat the Avoin. Even with the price point out of mind, this is a great bottle overall. I’d even go as far as to suggest buying two, so you’ll never have to worry about being without infused water while one sits in the dishwasher or office fridge. With such a budget-friendly price, two of the Avoin Fruit Infuser Bottle can be bought for what you could expect to pay for one bottle from other companies.

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