Ever since we were children, we’ve had it instilled in us that drinking all of our juice is a good thing. Unfortunately, this is a giant misconception, and not the case at all. It’s been proven that fruit juices, especially the juice you pick up from the grocery store, is not good for us. This is going to sound scary, but fruit juice is absolutely loaded with sugar, and it’s all going to become fat in your body. This is the case both with fresh fruit juice, as well as packaged fruit juice.

It’s true that it’s healthy to eat fresh fruit, but when it comes to drinking fruit juice, you’re actually taking in a ton of fructose sugar that is going to wreak havoc inside your body. It will raise you insulin levels, your metabolism is going to slow down, it can contribute to diseases, and it will contribute to weight gain. In short, fruit juice is bad for you, and even natural sugars are bad.

This is one of the reasons that many people have turned to infusing their water with natural ingredients; such as fruit. With fruit infused water, you’ll be able to drink water that tastes just like your favorite fruits, but without the added sugars and calories. Granted, fruit infused water isn’t going to pack the nutritional punch that an entire piece of fruit or some freshly squeezed juice, but a lot of those nutrients will seep from the fruit into the water.

Fruit Infused Water vs Fruit Juice: Which Is Healthier

Fruit Infused Water vs Fruit Juice

Below, we’re going to go over a list of the benefits of infused water over fruit juice, which will hopefully allow you to see that there’s a clear advantage to drinking infused water over sugary fruit juice.

1. The Flavor is Phenomenal

Now, you’d think that fruit juice and infused water would actually taste the same when compared to each other, but that’s not the case at all. The fruit juice is actually going to taste watered down, while the flavor of the infused water is going to taste amazingly tangy, bright, and fruity. Even after a simple 15 minute infusion, you’ll notice a major difference.

2. It Simply Looks Better

Hey, facts are facts, and infused water actually looks better than fruit juice. As we all know, we don’t just consume things with our sense of taste, but we also consume with our eyes, as well. If you see something that actually looks better, and healthier, you’re going to be more inclined to consume it. This will lead to you consuming more water, which will lead to you being hydrated.

3. There’s Less Calories

Granted, fruit juice is certainly nutritious, but it also comes packed with sugars and calories. Infused water doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of calories, as you’re only getting the juice from the fruit in your water, rather than eating the piece of fruit.

Fruit Infused Water Has Less Sugar Than Fruit Juice

4. It Requires Less Fruit

Simply put, you have to use a ton of fruit in a juicer to get anything of substance. Did you know that in order to get one whole glass of orange juice out of a juicer, you have to typically use four whole oranges? This equates to over 240 calories that you’re going to consume. However, just three orange slices is enough to infuse a glass of water adequately.

5. Preparation is so Much Easier

Let’s face it, we’re a civilization that’s constantly on the go. In this day and age, we expect things to be fast. If something proves to be too much hassle, we’re typically going to give up on it for something easier. Prepping a juicer is hard work, and that’s putting it lightly. However, you can infuse a glass of water with fruit in mere seconds. That way, you can be out the door before you know it. If you have a fruit infuser water bottle then it’s even easier, you can keep it with you wherever you go which will also help you stay hydrated.

6. There’s Virtually No Cleaning Involved

Cleaning a juicer is not a fun thing to do in any sense of the word. It can be a nightmare, to put it bluntly, which leads to most people shelving their expensive juicer — never seeing the light of day again. Infusing your water is incredibly simple, and there’s virtually no cleaning involved. Simply toss your glass and / or bottle in the dishwasher and you’re finished.

7. You’ll Hydrate Yourself Much Easier

If you want to lead a healthy life, you know how important staying hydrated is both physically and mentally. With fruit infused waters, you’ll find that staying hydrated is actually quite easy. Granted, drinking some fresh juice out of a juicer can provide you with hydration, it’s likely going to be a one time drink. However, you can make an entire batch of fruit infused water and drink it all day, so you stay hydrated through-out the entire day, and as we all know, there are many benefits to staying hydrated.

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