Raspberry Ketones is one of the hottest weight loss trends available right now with a myriad of products containing this chemical that comes from raspberries. Raspberry Ketone Max is one of the market leading products and we offer you a comprehensive unbiased review below.

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

This product contains raspberry ketones, a natural substance that provides raspberries with their aroma. This chemical can also be found in peaches, apples, kiwis, and other berries. It is now being marketed as a weight loss product and it garnered international attention after being featured on the Dr. Oz TV show in February 2012.

Most of us actually consume a small amount of raspberry ketones but this consumption is nowhere near the level required to benefit from the chemical’s purported weight loss effects. For example, 1,000 grams of raspberries only contain 1-4mg of raspberry ketones; in contrast, Raspberry Ketone Max contains a whopping 300mg per serving.

Raspberry Ketone Max – The Ingredients

Raspberry Ketones

The 300mg of raspberry ketones per serving is actually triple the amount recommended by Dr. Oz during his show. The claim is that this chemical is capable of breaking down your body fat more efficiently thus helping you lose more weight; we will further investigate the science behind this claim below.


Raspberry Ketone Max contains 75mcg of this metallic element which is said to reduce food cravings. Other claims include increased metabolism (and faster fat loss) and prevention of high blood pressure. Certainly, there is evidence to suggest that chromium is effective in terms of reducing blood insulin and blood sugar levels but little scientific data is available to suggest it is also effective for weight loss.

Green Tea Standardised Extract

Green tea is another important ingredient in Raspberry Ketone Max. Each serving contains 550mg of green tea standardized extract which is believed to be effective when it comes to burning fat. As an added bonus, it is loaded with beneficial antioxidants called catechins which are believed to help support cardiovascular health and immune function.


The product also contains 400mg of caffeine per serving which is an extremely high amount. In contrast, there is up to 75mg of caffeine in an espresso so each serving offers a caffeine content equivalent to more than 5 espressos!

While caffeine is said to have weight loss properties, the high dosage in Raspberry Ketone Max means the product may not be suitable for those with caffeine sensitivity.


The product also has 16mg of L-Theanine per serving; this is an amino acid found in certain types of fungi and in tea plants. L-Theanine is an antioxidant which means it could destroy the harmful free radicals that oxidise LDL (bad) cholesterol in your blood and cause fatty plaques to form on the interior wall of your arteries.

The above condition is known as atherosclerosis and it narrows your arteries to the point where small blood clots can form, block the arteries and cause a heart attack. However, L-Theanine can prevent this from happening and has a number of benefits:

  • Stress reduction. This is crucial as people often overeat during times of stress.
  • Improved alertness.
  • The capacity to offset caffeine jitters; an important benefit given the large dose of caffeine in the product.
  • Prevents free radicals from oxidising LDL cholesterol.
  • Stimulates your body’s rate of nitric oxide production.

How Does It Work? The Science Behind Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones first piqued the interest of researchers because of their molecular structure. They found the chemical was similar to the molecules synephrine (a stimulant) and capsaicin (it’s in chilli pepper). Research has found both molecules can boost metabolism so it was theorised that raspberry ketones could do the same.

The researchers elected to test the chemical on rats and isolated their fat cells before making them grow in a test tube; then they discovered the following:

  • The fat cells released more of the hormone adiponectin.
  • The raspberry ketones increased lipolysis (breakdown of fat) by making the cells more sensitive to the effects of norepinephrine (a fat burning hormone).

Adiponectin is released by fat cells and is believed to play an important role in regulating blood sugar and metabolism levels. Generally, overweight individuals have lower levels of adiponectin than slimmer people and when you lose weight, the level of this hormone increases.

Other studies show that individuals with low adiponectin levels are at higher risk of medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. So in theory, increasing a person’s adiponectin levels naturally should help them lose weight and cut their risk of suffering from the above conditions.

Is Raspberry Ketone Max Effective?

The tests performed on mice and rats had promising results. A group of mice were fed an unhealthy diet; some of them were given raspberry ketones while the others were not. The group of mice that consumed the ketones weighed 50 grams while the other mice weighed 5 grams at the end of the study.

In this example, it’s important to note that the mice did not actually lose weight; they just gained less than the group that didn’t consume the ketones.

Another study involved 40 rats and once again, they were fed fattening foods. The rats that consumed the raspberry ketones were protected against fatty liver and they had increased levels of adiponectin.

What About Tests On Humans?

To date, there hasn’t been a single study on humans showing raspberry ketones lead to fat loss. The only thing that comes close is a study involving a combination of substances including raspberry ketones, ginger, caffeine, garlic and synephrine.

It was a study that took place over 8 weeks and the participants lost just under 8% of their fat mass compared to the placebo group who lost under 3%. It’s important to note that both groups exercised and cut calories while taking this cocktail of ingredients so it’s tough to determine just how effective the ketones were by themselves.

Raspberry Ketone Max Side Effects

While raspberry ketones have not been approved as a weight loss supplement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the organisation did approve them as a food additive in 1965. This is because there are no known side effects from the chemical and all evidence suggests that at the very least, raspberry ketones are safe to consume in reasonable amounts.

The trouble is, the dosage of raspberry ketones found in this product is exceedingly high which means the potential for adverse side effects increases. For example, people with chronic medical conditions such as obstructive pulmonary disease, high blood pressure and asthma may be at risk from the high level of ketones.

Additionally, raspberry ketones are believed to increase the production of norepineophrine which is potentially harmful to the nervous system.

Finally, the high level of caffeine in the product may lead to issues such as inability to sleep, restlessness, increased heart rate and high blood pressure.

Purchasing Information

Each bottle of Raspberry Ketones Max contains 60 capsules and since you should take 2 capsules a day, you get a 30 day supply.

The cost depends on where you order it from (the manufacturer Santrinico Enterprises ships the product to seemingly every country in the world); for example, if you are a resident of the United States you will pay $49.95 for a single bottle. Alternatively, you can get 3 bottles for $79.90 or 5 bottles for $149.95 on the official site.

All orders come with free shipping and you can purchase Shipping Insurance for $3.99 with the InsureShip option. Annoyingly, InsureShip is automatically added on and you have to remove it by ticking the box to avoid paying the extra money.

You will also receive the following free bonuses:

  • Weight Loss Secrets: This e-Book is said to be worth $29.97 and contains information on how to lose weight fast, increase your metabolism, understanding your body type and the secrets of water consumption.
  • Summer Diets: This e-Book is worth $29.97 and contains information on eating healthily, low calorie recipes, best weight loss foods and fat burning techniques.
  • Weight Management Club: You get free membership of this club worth $49.97 which offers exclusive fat loss and exercise information to members.

Final Verdict

The manufacturers of Raspberry Ketone Max claim it is ‘The Latest Breakthrough in Weight Loss’ but to date there is no scientific evidence backing up these assertions. It says the supplement is ‘Recommended by Doctors’ but doesn’t provide any direct quotes or links to licensed physicians who have given raspberry ketones their seal of approval.

While the website has the usual array of testimonials from delighted customers, there’s a possibility that this supplement has only been providing a placebo effect.

After all, people are more likely to exercise and eat a healthier diet while on a supplement in a bid to get the best possible results. Until there is real evidence that raspberry ketones can cause fat loss in humans, it is probably best to avoid purchasing this product for the time being.

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