By now you’re probably aware that the weight loss industry is saturated with products. Each of them promises to help you lose stubborn fat but savvy consumers know this isn’t always the case. With literally hundreds of supplements to choose from, you must perform your due diligence to ensure you’re getting value for money.

Coleus forkohlii is one of the latest weight loss sensations to hit the market. While it’s too early to tell whether products with this active ingredient are effective fat loss tools, preliminary research and numerous satisfied customers suggest it has at least some potential.

Forskolin Fuel is a new kid on the block but is already making some waves. Below, we offer a detailed look at this supplement to see if it hits the mark.

What Are The Ingredients in Forskolin Fuel?

20% Coleus Forskohlii Extract

Forskolin Fuel’s main ingredient is 100% Pure Standardized Forskohlii extract. It is a compound found naturally in the Plectranthus Barbatus plant; a type of herb in the mint family which is said to stimulate the enzymes in the body; this in turn activates your body’s lipoproteins.

Basically when this extract is introduced into the body, it increases lipolysis rapidly without needing the hormones in control of lipolysis. As a result, fat is burned at a significantly faster rate hence its promotion as a weight loss supplement.

Product & Company Information

The manufacturers also go by the name of Forskolin Fuel and you can purchase your supply on the official website. Little can be found about the company online which is unusual for an organization that’s been in business since 2002. It seems to specialize in this product only.

Cost & Dosage

A typical bottle contains 30 caplets; each of which contain 125mg of the Pure Standardized Forskohlii Extract. Details of the actual dosage are vague and nothing is mentioned on the website. It appears as if the amount you take could vary depending on how heavy you are. For example, a 190 pound person requires less than a 300 pound individual.

On the official website, a single bottle costs $48 but there are other options:

  • Tier 2 Package: 3 bottles for $96.
  • Best Selling Package: 5 bottles for $144.

It is actually cheaper to purchase a single bottle from Amazon as it costs $37.95. The 3 and 5 pack prices are the same as on the official site.

Shipping is free with the 3 and 5 packs on the official site but costs $6.95 if you choose to buy one bottle only. You may be able to benefit from free shipping on Amazon depending on your location and total cost of your order.

The Forskolin Fuel company uses USPS to ship to U.S. customers and this process takes 7-14 days. International orders are shipped via FedEx and may take 10-21 days. You can also request a ‘Rush Order’ which takes 2-4 days.

If you order from the official site you will receive special bonuses:

Free Weight Management Club Membership

This is a “results based online fitness program” which is only available to Forskolin members. Membership allows you 24/7 access to the company’s online Health Resource Center where you receive:

  • Fitness tracking systems.
  • Diet plans.
  • Customized exercise programs.

Weight Loss Secrets

This book is valued at $29.97 and offers the following:

  • Water consumption secrets.
  • Tips on losing weight fast.
  • Understanding your body type.
  • Information on increasing your metabolism.

Summer Diets

This book is also valued at $29.97 and offers:

  • Healthy eating secrets.
  • Tips on the foods you need to eat in order to burn fat.
  • Tasty low calorie recipes.
  • The best weight loss foods.

Is Forskolin Fuel Effective?

Forskolin Fuel consists entirely of the Coleus forkohlii extract so its efficacy depends on this herb’s weight loss properties which are said to be promising. Due to the fact it’s a relatively new addition to the market, further research must be performed and reviews from customers have been mixed. Here’s a look at some positive customer comments:

        “I have lost pounds and inches since I started Forskolin two months ago.”
        “It really works.”
        “Definitely recommend this.”

As you’ll have noticed, the positive reviews don’t tend to go into great detail and to date; the negative reviews on sites like Amazon outweigh positive ones:

        “Used this product for one month. Got no weight loss but plenty of bloating.”
        “I felt bloated and uncomfortable with absolutely no decrease in size over an 8 week period.”
        “used the bottle as directed and did not lose ONE pound.”

Pros & Cons


  • 100% natural ingredients with no added extras.
  • No known side effects.
  • Forskolin Fuel can be shipped to most countries in the world.
  • This supplement can improve your body’s functions and help you burn fat in a natural way.
  • It is potentially useful when it comes to combating asthma, cardiovascular issues, obesity and high blood pressure.
  • Provides you with a natural energy boost and can increase your metabolism.
  • 90 day money back guarantee as long as the bottle remains unopened.


  • At the time of writing, the effectiveness of Coleus forkohlii extract is unknown which means there is a lack of scientific evidence to suggest it works as a weight loss aid.
  • The website doesn’t provide you with any dosage instructions. Instead it cryptically says “once you receive the product, you will be able to read the recommended dosage.”
  • At $38-$48 per bottle, it is more expensive than a number of weight loss supplements on the market.

Final Verdict

There are a wide range of Forskolin products available and Forskolin Fuel does not come out on top even when compared to its rivals. The number of negative reviews significantly outweigh positive remarks which suggests that there are better products in this niche.

Indeed, the jury is still very much out when it comes to Coleus forkohlii extract as an effective weight loss supplement. It could take years for researchers to find the answers which means you’re probably better off spending your money on a product containing a more proven active ingredient.

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