Products containing raspberry ketones are among the most sought after weight loss solutions in an already saturated market. Since it was featured on the globally famous Dr. Oz’s television show a few years ago, manufacturers have been falling over themselves to release raspberry ketone fat loss supplements.

With so many products to choose from, it has become increasingly tough for consumers to find the best raspberry ketone brand. We attempt to alleviate some of the confusion below by providing you with key information on the raspberry ketone products available. This should help you find the top brands and not waste your cash on cheap imitations.

What Are Raspberry Ketones Used For?

In a number of scientific tests, researchers found that raspberry ketones enabled the release of an increased amount of adiponectin, a protein that helps regulate the metabolism; especially the metabolism of the fatty acids contained in fat cells. The more adiponectin we produce, the better our bodies can use fat cells for energy. This process is known as ‘lipoysis’.

Further research suggests that obese people have lower levels of adiponectin than slimmer individuals. This correlation certainly suggests the possibility of raspberry ketones being a fat loss aid.

In simple terms:

  • The body utilises enzymes to convert unused energy or glucose into your body’s fat deposits.
  • Raspberry ketones increase the rate of natural adiponectin.
  • Adiponectin breaks down the fat cells stored in your body, increases your metabolism and burns fat off your body.
  • Raspberry ketones could also decrease your blood sugar levels and reduce your appetite.

If you have low adiponectin levels you may also face a higher risk of serious medical conditions such as heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. With all of the above information, it’s not hard to see why raspberry ketone products are making such waves.

The big issue is that the scientific research which shows the efficacy of raspberry ketones for fat loss was only performed on rats. To date, there is no study which clearly shows its effectiveness on humans. This has not stopped the explosion in popularity of this supplement with thousands of people claiming it has helped them lose weight.

Can Raspberry Ketones Be Found Naturally?

Raspberry ketones are found in raspberries, other berries, kiwis, apples and peaches but only in very small amounts. Dr. Oz recommends an intake of 100mg per day; in order to achieve this you would need to eat approximately 90 pounds of raspberries!

Indeed, some experts believe we need to consume 300mg+ of raspberry ketones a day to see fat loss so a supplement is the only realistic method of reaching the recommended daily amount.

Top 3 Raspberry Ketone Supplements

1 – Research Verified: Raspberry Ketones

Research Verified: Raspberry Ketones

There are few, if any, raspberry ketone supplements on the market containing more of the active ingredient than Research Verified’s offering. Each capsule contains 500mg and since you take two a day, you ingest 1,000mg of raspberry ketones daily. This product has the same formulation and properties used in the clinical study.

It contains 100% natural raspberry ketones from real raspberries which means the product was not manufactured in a lab. Unlike many of its competitors, Research Verified Raspberry Ketones does not contain any other ingredients; this is crucial as other substances could potentially hinder the effectiveness of the ketones. In addition, the product has a QualityTrusted A+ rating and to date it has received mainly positive customer reviews online.

Research Verified offers a 365 day money back guarantee, one of the lengthiest guarantees on the market. All of the above ensures this is one of the top raspberry ketone brands available to buy.

2 – Fresh Healthcare: Pure Raspberry Ketones

Fresh Healthcare: Pure Raspberry Ketones

This is yet another product offering 500mg a capsule and since you take two each day, it ensures a daily serving of 1,000mg. Each capsule contains 100% pure raspberry ketones with no added ingredients.

You can benefit from a 30 day money back guarantee and at present this product is on sale. It is among the cheapest high quality raspberry ketone products available.

3 – Nature Wise: Raspberry Ketones Plus+

Nature Wise: Raspberry Ketones Plus+

This product has enjoyed excellent customer reviews to date and offers 400mg per capsule. You are expected to take two capsules a day so the total daily ingestion of raspberry ketones comes to 800mg. Each capsule also contains 300mg of Nature Wise’s proprietary antioxidant blend and no fillers or binders are used.

Unlike the two brands mentioned above, Nature Wise’s offering contains added natural ingredients such as African mango seed extract, kelp, apple cider vinegar, resveratrol, acai and green tea extract. Most of these ingredients are known fat loss aids although the jury is out on whether raspberry ketone products should have extra ingredients in the first place.

How to Find the Best Raspberry Ketone Supplement

Like it or not, there will be unscrupulous companies out there eager to make a quick buck so you need to be wary of potential scams. As such, we recommend taking the following into consideration before purchasing any raspberry ketone brand.


Although 100mg a day was initially recommended, most experts believe the amount should be significantly higher. Dosages of 300mg-1,000mg a day have been mentioned. Therefore, it’s probably best to steer clear of products where the daily serving is less than 300mg a day.

How the Dosage Is Administered

You will find raspberry ketone products available in pill, capsule and drop form. Go to the website of any of these manufacturers and they will obviously claim theirs is the best method of ketone delivery. For example, one raspberry ketone drop seller claims drops are 500 times more effective than pills or capsules, a statement with no basis in fact.

However, it does appear as if drops may offer a better delivery system but we didn’t find any ketone drops worth recommending in comparison to the products mentioned above. Capsules are the next most effective with tablets & pills seemingly the least effective.

Location & Facilities

The majority of the best raspberry ketone brands are based in the United States so look for products that have been made in the U.S. However, there are some quality products from companies based in the UK and Australia so don’t completely dismiss a non-American product.

Our research has determined that unfortunately, a large proportion of raspberry ketone products made in China contain various harmful chemicals in their formulas.

Assuming the product is made in the U.S, look for supplements made in FDA inspected and GMP approved facilities. For products made in other countries, make sure they carry the same level of regulation in manufacturing.


The best raspberry ketone brands tend to have few added ingredients. In the top 2 products mentioned above, the only ingredient was raspberry ketones. While there are plenty of good supplements containing extra natural ingredients such as green tea extract and apple cider vinegar, there’s a danger that too many ingredients could interfere with the ketones and cause them to be less effective.

Avoid supplements laden with caffeine or ephedrine as these ingredients could cause some unpleasant side effects.

Additionally, look for products where the ketones have been taken from real raspberries. Steer clear of brands that use synthetically grown ketones as they are significantly less effective.

Customer Reviews

All it takes is a quick Google search or a browse on Amazon and you can find out what customers really think about a product. Ignore testimonials found on the official company website as there is no way of telling whether or not such quotes are genuine.

Company Reputation

There are hundreds of companies selling raspberry ketone products but quite a few of them have sprung up overnight. Do a Google search to learn more about the company and browse its website. If it doesn’t have a site or it looks cheap and unprofessional, find another company.

The best raspberry ketone brands will sell other health products and have an established track record. If you find the company selling the product is new or sells no other items, be wary.

Cost & Returns Policy

Calculate the cost per pill and daily cost of taking the supplement. Some of the best raspberry ketone brands on the market have excellent products that cost the equivalent of less than $0.50 a day.

If the company doesn’t offer a cast iron money back guarantee, go elsewhere. Look for at least 30 days although some companies offer 60+ days and in the case of Research Verified, 365 days.

Be extremely cautious when it comes to ‘Free Trial’ offers. Most of them will want your credit card details and once you get your product, you’ll find it’s extremely hard to actually cancel the trial. It’s also important to note that many free trial products are synthesised versions of raspberry ketones and contain a very low dosage.


Finding an effective fat loss product is the Holy Grail of the health and fitness industry. As a result there are thousands of manufacturers looking to jump on the bandwagon of the latest craze.

Don’t believe excessively hyped products and don’t purchase any raspberry ketones supplement that promises 20+ pounds of weight loss in 1-2 months. Follow the above tips and hopefully you can find the best raspberry ketone brand on the market.

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