Forskolin is one of the latest fat loss products to hit the market. It has been described as ‘lightning in a bottle’ by Dr. Oz and once it was featured on his show in May 2014, its popularity increased dramatically.

Proponents of this new weight loss solution claim it will light a fire under your metabolism and in recent times, a host of companies have released their own product with this active ingredient. Keep reading for guidance on finding the best forskolin brand and avoiding less reputable organisations.

What is Forskolin Used For?

It is an extract found in the roots of a herb called Coleus forskohlii which is part of the mint family (also called Plectranthus barbatus). It has been used for thousands of years to treat conditions such as angina and high blood pressure. When taken orally, it can treat skin conditions, allergies and blood clots.

Indeed, it is a versatile extract and is also used for:

  • Help with hypothyroidism and reduction in depression.
  • Helping asthma sufferers.
  • Alleviating muscle spasms and stiffness.
  • Speeding up the healing process for wounds and burns.
  • Assistance with disorders related to digestive system.

This member of the mint family has only been considered as a fat loss ingredient for a short time in comparison. One of the main reasons for this is recent evidence from a handful of studies involving overweight individuals.

The most cited study took place in the University of Kansas in 2005 and involved 12 men taking part in a placebo-controlled double blind trial of forskolin. It found that overweight or obese men who took forskolin lost almost 8 times more body fat, added 35% more bone mass and increased free testosterone levels by over 30% compared to those who took the placebo.

They actually took 250mg of 10% forskolin-containing coleus twice a day. This is the equivalent of 50mg of forskolin daily. Interestingly, the men in the study didn’t lose an appreciable amount of weight though the changes in body composition were undoubtedly positive.

Forskolin is believed to be effective because it stimulates most known forms of the enzyme adenylyl cyclase which impacts the concentration of cAMP, the messenger module. The powerful compound activates a number of other enzymes within a wide range of tissues and cells.

In a nutshell; it stimulates lipolysis and allows fat to be burned at a quicker than normal rate. However, aside from the aforementioned study, there is little else in the way of scientific evidence from human studies. Yet this has not stopped forskolin products from selling at rapid rate and we look at the top brands below.

Can Forskolin Be Found Naturally?

Although forskolin comes from an herb, studies to date have only focused on it as an extract. As a result, there is no evidence that taking the actual herb has any additional benefit and there is also the risk of unknown side effects.

Top 3 Forskolin Supplements

1 – California Products: 100% Pure Forskolin Extract

California Products: 100% Pure Forskolin Extract

This brand is standardised to 20% of forskolin root extract which is the same purity used in the most compelling study to date. Each capsule contains 250mg of this extract which equates to 50mg of forskolin. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and you’re supposed to take one a day with water (preferably in the morning).

It is hypoallergenic and contains no artificial colours, flavours, fillers or added ingredients. It comes from a reputable company and this product is manufactured in a GMP certified facility in the U.S.

2 – Huntington Labs: Pure Forskolin Supplement

Huntington Labs: Pure Forskolin Supplement

This product meets what should be the industry standard 250mg of 20% of forskolin root extract. Huntingon Labs claims its product assists in weight loss by suppressing your appetite and cravings so you end up eating less. It also helps you trim the fat by boosting your metabolism and allowing you to burn more energy at rest.

There are no added ingredients or fillers and each bottle contains 60 capsules; as you are supposed to take one a day, this means a 2 month supply. Huntington Labs is known as a reputable company and its forskolin product is produced in an FDA approved GMP certified facility.

3 – BioScience Nutrition: Forskolin 100% Pure Extract

BioScience Nutrition: Forskolin 100% Pure Extract

As is the case with the other top Forskolin brands, this offering contains nothing but 20% standardised forskolin and each capsule contains 250mg. It’s free from fillers, preservatives, GMOs and binders. It can also be safely used with other supplements. BioScience Nutrition claims it is as effective as thermogenic supplements without the negative side effects.

It is made in the United States in a FDA certified facility and this product has also received third party testing. One downside is the seeming lack of a money back guarantee; there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee but its meaning is unclear.

You take one capsule a day and as there are 60 capsules in each bottle.

How to Find the Best Forskolin Supplements

Ingredients & Dosage

First and foremost, the best forskolin brands have one thing in common; each product ensures you take 250mg of 20% standardised forskolin extract. While the supplements we outlined above have 250mg in each capsule, there are products with just 125mg but they are to be taken twice a day.

Don’t waste your time with products that either recommend one 125mg capsule a day or contain less than 20% standardised forskolin extract. This is the exact amount used in the study that began the entire forskolin phenomenon so there’s no reason for any other dosage to be taken.

Additionally, there’s no point in purchasing any product with added ingredients. There is no way of knowing whether or not these extra ingredients will negatively impact the effectiveness of the forskolin.

How the Dosage Is Administered

Practically all of the best forskolin brands sell their product in capsule form. It is typically only taken in drop form when treating conditions such as glaucoma.

Location & Facilities

The gold standard for American based companies is to have the product made in a FDA approved GMP certified facility. If the forskolin product has been subject to third party testing, all the better.

Customer Reviews & Company Reputation

There are so many companies selling forskolin it’s hard to keep track! Look for companies with a reputation for creating quality products and choose organisations with a professional looking website. If they only sell forskolin, treat it as a red flag.

Additionally, is a great resource as it allows you to find real reviews from real people. Look for companies with at least 50 positive reviews and a rating of 4 stars or more on average.

Cost & Returns Policy

All of the best forskolin brands we covered sell their supplement for the equivalent of less than $0.50 a day. If you come across a brand selling forskolin for $1 a day, choose another company as there’s no need for it to be so expensive.

A money back guarantee should come with the supplement for added peace of mind.

Side Effects

While forskolin product manufacturers will tell you there are no side effects associated with their product, some studies have shown a link between the extract and lower blood pressure. This is potentially an issue if more than 150mg is taken a day.

There have also been some rare occasions when taking forskolin has led to nausea and dizziness. This is likely to be an issue with low quality products. Overall, forskolin has been awarded the No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) designation which means it is safe to use so long as you remain within the specified dosage.


As it is one of the newest fat loss products to hit the market, research on forskolin has not yet reached a level where it can be classified as an effective supplement. However, the best forskolin brands are doing excellent business because they have thousands of customers happy with the impact of this extract.

If you decide to try forskolin for yourself, follow the above guide and choose a supplement from a reputable company. The guidelines for its potency are pretty clear so there is no reason to try any dosage other than 250mg of 20% standardised forskolin extract.

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