You have probably heard stories about how extremely overweight individuals can lose 100+ pounds in a year by drinking special weight loss teas. Can you attribute remarkable fat loss solely to the powers of green tea and the like? Of course not! However, you’ll find that the best detox tea for weight loss on the market are capable of cleaning your digestive system, stimulating the metabolism and helping you form healthier eating and exercise habits.

Comparison: Best Detox Tea For Weight Loss

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What is Weight Loss Tea?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that it is a drink designed to help you lose weight! Mankind has drunk tea for thousands of years, and in the modern era, there are dozens of different types; many of which you’ve probably never heard of! You might be surprised to learn that after water, tea is the most popular drink in the world. Although coffee has health benefits, it lags behind tea in this regard.

Regarding weight loss tea, green tea is one of the favored options, but there are others including:

  • Oolong: This light floral tea is known for boosting your metabolism and promotes weight loss by enhancing your body’s ability to metabolize lipids.
  • Peppermint: Mint tea smells great, tastes refreshing and helps suppress your appetite.
  • Rooibos: This tea is made from South Africa’s ‘red bush’ plant and is a superb drink for curbing your hunger pangs.

As you might expect, manufacturers around the globe have latched on to the public’s increased fascination with this ancient drink. As a result, there has been an immense number of specialized weight loss teas created in recent years.

The most obvious reason to drink weight loss tea is to shed unwanted pounds. Clearly, even the best weight loss teas on the market are not magic potions, so we recommend that you drink one of these products as part of a concerted weight loss plan. That means getting your diet in order and exercising more regularly. However, you can even choose a weight loss tea as a means of improving your health as you’ll see in the ‘Pros of Weight Loss Tea’ section below.

Top 3 Teas For Weight Loss

1 – Fit Tea 14 Day Detox

BaeTea 14 Day Teatox

Fit Tea is Kylie Jenner’s go-to choice, and it helps cleanse your digestive system, and you can lose weight in the bargain. The company is now a well-known brand name in the United States, and it claims to be one of the most popular slimming teas in the world. Indeed, it has featured on television several times on nationwide outlets such as CNN, The Morning Show and CBS.

Fit Tea is comprised of a relatively simple formula including organic green tea, ginger, guarana, oolong wi yu and pomegranate. According to the manufacturers, Fit Tea increases your metabolism which leads to faster fat loss, provides antimicrobial properties and regulates digestion. You can purchase the product in a 14-Day or 28-Day package although we feel it is a little pricey for a 2-week supply.

The added Stevia gives the tea a reasonably sweet taste, and since you only have to drink it once a day, at least you won’t forget to take it! The company claims that it lowers hunger for 4-6 hours and it does seem to suppress the appetite reasonably well. It is a relief to see that caffeine doesn’t make an appearance and guarana is probably the strongest stimulant. Overall, Fit Tea has a lot of health benefits, and it is an effective way to detox and lose weight as long as your diet and exercise regimes are in order.

2 – Slendertoxtea

BaeTea 14 Day Teatox

Slendertoxtea is slightly different to others slimming teas on the market. When you purchase this product, you receive two packages; Daytox and Sleeptox supplements. Obviously, you take one during the day and the other before you sleep. While you only need to leave the bag in hot water for 2-3 minutes to get the effect, you can leave it a little longer if you want a more potent drink.

Slendertoxtea contains ingredients such as valerian root, senna, yerba mate, green tea, dandelion and stinging nettle. As is the case with all the best weight loss teas, this product comes in bag form, so you don’t have to worry about loose leaves. After the 14-day period is over, you should experience an increase in energy, appetite suppression, and fat loss.

This tea contains proven fat loss products such as green tea, yerba mate, and dandelion but the inclusion of Senna is a concern. While our testers did not experience any issues when using this drink, others may find that the laxative has a profound impact on their digestive system. Our team was happy with the boost in energy associated with the drink, and the weight loss was satisfactory. We recommend Slendertoxtea unless you have a bad history with laxatives in which case we advise you to find another weight loss tea.

3 – SkinnyMint

BaeTea 14 Day Teatox

Marketed as a ’28 day ultimate detox’, SkinnyMint is a slimming tea that asks you to follow a day and night schedule. As is the case with Slendertoxtea, you receive two packages (for $54.90 with 28-day time bags and 14 night time bags). One is entitled ‘Morning Boost’ while the other is called ‘Night Cleanse.’ Like its rivals, SkinnyMint’s creators say it burns fat, increases energy and reduces your appetite.

You drink Morning Boost soon after waking up to get a spring in your step while Night Cleanse is drunk every second night to help combat bloating and constipation. The main ingredient in Morning Boost is green tea, but it also contains yerba mate, dandelion and nettle leaves. This combination contains caffeine and also helps you pass water. Senna is the main ingredient in Night Cleanse although there are other ingredients such as ginger root and peppermint leaf.

One good aspect of SkinnyMint is that the Night Cleanse takes up to 12 hours to work, so you won’t be forced to rush to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It is a good weight loss tea overall although you should be prepared to go to the bathroom to urinate and defecate regularly as your body goes through a thorough cleansing session!

Best Tea For Weight Loss UK

Skinny Tea 28 Day by The Skinny Caffe

Skinny Tea 28 Day by The Skinny Caffe

Skinny Tea comes with 2 different teas, one for the day and the other for bed time. The daytime tea comes in a 28 day supply in a strawberry and pineapple flavor and is intended to kickstart your metabolism and reduce bloating. The bedtime tea is chocolate and vanilla flavoured which is intended to detoxify and cleanse your system. Whilst you are meant to drink the daytime tea daily you should drink the night time tea every other day.

Daytime Tea Ingredients: Chinese oolong tea, hibiscus, apple pieces, elderberries, rosehip peel, milk thistle leaves, nettle, red clover, rose petals, pineapple pieces, (pineapple, sugar) Strawberry pieces, natural flavor

Bedtime Tea Ingredients: Rooibos, cocoa shells, senna leaves, burdock root, barberry bark, lavender, vanilla pieces, natural flavor

I personally like the taste of the daytime tea, it is particularly fruity and I like to add some extra honey to it to satisfy my sweet tooth. I found myself looking forward to my daily cup of tea and found my energy levels were improved as well as my general mood. I think this was also down to the improved quality of sleep that I was getting thanks to the bedtime tea. I found it was a great way for me to distress and calm down after a long day and helped me enjoy a full night’s sleep.

I did lose weight whilst drinking this tea, not a huge amount but enough to suggest it was fat loss rather than just water loss. I was however going to the gym a few times a week so I can’t say how much was down to the gym and how much was down to the tea. However I think the tea enabled me to sleep better and improved my overall energy and motivation levels which allowed me to be more active during the day and helped me to lose more weight.

The daytime and bedtime pack is priced at £33.95 which is a little expensive although comparative to other weight loss teas when you consider it is a 28 day supply and not 14 days. Although you can cut costs considerably by using the 20% discount code or by using the subscribe and save option to get 25% off. I wouldn’t recommend using the subscription option to begin with as you might not like the tea or you might not get results on it. However, if you buy 1 pack to start off with and you find you are getting good results then by all means go for the subscription option.

Best & Worst Ingredients in Tea For Weight Loss

Best Ingredients


  • Aspalathin: This is a powerful flavonoid that reduces stress hormones linked with triggering hunger and fat storage. Aspalathin can decrease the risk of various medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension.
  • White Tea: Okay, this is actually a form of tea as opposed to an ingredient but white tea is created in a different manner to other weight loss teas. It is dried naturally (typically in sunlight) and is the richest source of antioxidants among all teas. In fact, it has triple the polyphenols of green tea.
  • Peppermint: This refreshing ingredient doesn’t just taste amazing, it helps curb those hunger pangs. According a Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine study, participants who sniffed peppermint every two hours lost an extra five pounds in a month.
  • Catechins: These compounds are typically found in green tea, and they do a fantastic job attacking belly fat. Catechins trigger the release of fat from fat cells (especially those in the stomach region) and boost the liver’s capacity for turning the fat into energy.


Worst Ingredients


  • Stimulants: Caffeine is by far the most commonly used stimulant in weight loss teas. Ephedrine used to be popular in teas and supplements, but it has been banned due to safety concerns. Although a stimulant will help you feel more energetic and focused for a period, the effects are fleeting, and the ensuing crash can lead to side effects such as headaches and restlessness.
  • Laxatives: Senna is the most popular ingredient in the best weight loss teas that has a laxative effect. It is commonly assumed that forcing food through the digestive system quickly leads to a reduction in the number of calories you absorb and process. This is a dangerous fallacy, and if you overuse laxatives, it could seriously impact your electrolyte balance. In extreme cases, you could suffer a heart issue or fall unconscious.
  • Diuretics: Low-grade weight loss teas are packed with diuretics that force electrolytes and water from the body. It gives the illusion of weight loss, but in reality, you will gain everything back in water weight once you stop taking the product.


Benefits of Weight Loss Tea

Remarkable Health Benefits

There is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that the best weight loss teas on the market offer a huge array of benefits aside from the loss of fat. Tea is linked with a reduction in medical conditions such as arthritis, dental decay, strokes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. There are specific ingredients that improve your digestive system, shrink fat cells and reduce bad cholesterol.

Prevents Overeating

Whether we like it or not, the majority of people in the Western world eat far too much, far too often. Weight loss teas contain herbs that suppress your appetite and prevent you from raiding the refrigerator at 3 am. The fluid from the tea also fills you up and decreases your ability to gorge on solid food.


Never underestimate the importance of water in any weight loss diet. Your kidneys require a certain amount of water to function correctly so when you are dehydrated; the liver is forced to take up a lot of the workload. Your liver should be able to focus on turning fat into energy, but since it has to help the kidneys, it becomes a less efficient fat burning machine.

Dehydration also causes your body to go into ‘survival mode’ which means it takes water from every source possible and retains it in different areas of the body. Metabolism grinds to a halt, so your fat loss efforts are doomed. Most weight loss teas taste reasonably good, so it won’t feel like a chore to get your eight glasses a day.

Cons of Weight Loss Tea

Potential Malnourishment

The danger with weight loss tea is that users take things to the extreme to expedite the process. We already mentioned the issues with laxatives but did you know that they can cause your stool to absorb more water to stimulate the bowel? The result is less water absorbed from the bowel because it is going to the stool instead.

In the medium to long term, your body could become dehydrated and shorn of crucial bodily fluids. Also, dehydration stops the body from absorbing essential nutrients, so you end up getting hungrier. The obvious side effect is weight gain as you gorge on food.

Herbal Medicine Misuse

One of the great things about the best weight loss teas is that they use all-natural herbs. However, some manufacturers don’t adhere to the principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine which states that each herb you include in a recipe should increase or offset the effect of another herb.

A surprising number of companies mix several herbs together without real knowledge of how the compounds interact with one another.

Lack of Regulation

As weight loss tea is classified as a supplement, it is subject to the same lax scrutiny as other supplements on the market. As a result, less-reputable organizations cobble together their blend without explaining their reasoning. In some cases, companies don’t even mention the inclusion of laxatives.

Final Words

The best weight loss teas on the market can give you a significant boost in the quest to get the perfect figure. However, we urge you not to misuse these products. You should use them as a tool in your mission rather than being totally reliant on them. Ultimately, no matter what fat loss supplement you use, it will only truly be successful when you get serious about your diet and nutrition. If you insist on eating junk food and sitting on the sofa, there is no weight loss tea on the market that will help you!

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