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Umoro Offers a Modern View to Fitness

Umoro’s Mission

Umoro makes products for individuals who want to achieve the next level in fitness. The company produces items which help you incorporate fitness into your lifestyle. They do this by focusing on products that are elegantly designed whilst having multiple functions with healthy living in mind. Umoro aims to spearhead a revolution in the way people treat their health and overall lifestyle. In addition, the company relies on the constant connection and communication with its client base through perfect customer service which helps them to constantly improve and update their products.

Umoro One

Umoro One Coupon Code
What makes the Umoro One impressive is that it is a shaker cup and a water bottle all in one. Fitness enthusiasts and those who try to lead a healthy lifestyle will enjoy this feature because of the dual functionality of a shaker and water bottle. Umoro One has a useful compartment located in the lid, which allows you to store your supplements. It solves the problem of having to pack your supplements in your gym bag and carrying it around with you all day whilst having to take the risk of powder leaking out all over your clothes.

The compartment is designed to hold up to 50g of protein powder (or an equivalent amount of any other powder), the perfect amount for your post workout shake. When you press the button on the top of the bottle, it releases the powder instantly, which is extremely convenient for any gym goer that likes to take supplements pre, intra or post-workout. Thus, your water bottle now transforms into the perfect shaker cup and you are able to take any supplement you decide. As the Umoro One is a premium product with a premium price finding a promo code is rare so when a Umoro One coupon code does become available you have to be quick.

BPA free                                                                                                                       

The Umoro One bottle is BPA free. It is manufactured using the highest quality materials which allows Umoro to guarantee that this bottle is completely safe. It is essential that all plastic products you use are BPA FREE, here are some ways in which BPA containing products could damage your health:-

  • Hormone imbalances – BPA acts like a hormone in the body. This might lead to an imbalance in the levels of natural hormones produced by your body.
  • Cancer – Scientific studies have shown a possible link between the exposure of the body to BPA and an increased risk of cancer.
  • Heart problems- There is a possible link between high levels of BPA in the body and a higher risk of heart complications.

The Umoro One is made of safe and quality plastics and this makes it perfect for your everyday fitness needs.

Umoro One Discount
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The Main Characteristics of The Umoro One

There are a plethora of uses and benefits of the Umoro One product.  Listed below are some of the main features and plus points of the product.

  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • It is odor and shatter-resistant leading to a longer lifespan; other similar products are prone to shattering and breaking.
  • Provides clump-free shakes while also functioning as a water bottle.
  • Leak-proof design.

The product also comes with a one-year limited warranty against breaks, shattering, and leaks. ‎

Umoro Cares for You and for the Environment

Umoro focuses on sustainable development. It does so by relying on the use of innovative carbon neutral bioplastics for manufacturing its products. Also, Umoro has an ongoing partnership program with The Carbon Farmer, through which 1 square foot of forest in Alberta, Canada is planted for every Umoro product bought by its clients. This allows them to grow their business in a way that is responsible to the environment by offsetting their carbon emissions.