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About SPIbelt

The SPI belt – otherwise known as the small personal items belt – has long been considered one of the market leaders within the highly competitive field of exercise belts, a success that is owed in no small part to product designer and company founder, Kim Overton. Texas resident and long-time gymnast, it was her vision that transformed the SPI from a personal bedroom project to a product with worldwide appeal.

Even as a child Overton possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. She was well-known around her neighbourhood as the little girl who held bake sales, garage sales, even going so far as to throw a carnival. It wasn’t until much later however, when, as an adult, she was jogging through her home city of Austin, holding her keys in her brassiere that she was struck by an idea. The first SPI belt. Over the course of the following months, confident in the merit of her idea and continually honing her product, Overton obtained the necessary patents and began operating her new company out of her downtown apartment. Despite these modest beginnings, Overton could see the potential in her design so it was to prove when she opened for business in February 2007.

Almost immediately, Overton and her small staff base were taken aback by the popularity of their product, the health-conscious consumers of Austin enthusiastically welcoming the SPI belt. Since then, the company has grown rapidly, far beyond the confines of her apartment and now has a sizeable fan base all over the world. SPI however, are not willing to rest on their laurels. Overton insists the company is a pioneering one and is constantly striving to improve their product through a combination of inspiration, innovation and plain old hard work, an attitude that Overton cites as the primary reason for her success. Currently SPI are focusing their efforts into refining their customer service, ensuring all potential buyers that Overton and her colleagues not only values their clients but are one willing to listen to their views

So what is it about Overton’s invention that has caused this stir? Well, made entirely from Nylon the SPI belt is exceptionally lightweight and allows for a waist size of up to 40 inches. Most importantly however, is the comfort it affords whilst exercising. The snug but not uncomfortably tight grip of the SPI belt enables to wearer to work up a serious burn without ever restricting either movement or breathing while the amply sized pouch (6 x 3 2 inches) allows for safe storage of everything from your mp3 player to your I.Ds and even items as large as an Iphone 6.The close-fitting dimensions ensure that these contents are prevented from bouncing around while you’re working up a sweat, the SPI belt so unobtrusive, it is possible to forget you are wearing it entirely. Couple this with the sleek exterior and huge range of colours it is available in, you can be assured that you are in possession of a truly superior product.

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