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About Running Buddy

As a triathlete with twelve marathons to her name, Julie Bradfield was a well-known figure amongst the health-conscious community in Charleston, South Carolina. Unfortunately though, even for her, the problem as to where she should keep her belongings whilst exercising was an all-too-familiar one. “As a runner,” she said of her pre-Running Buddy days, “it was extremely difficult to find the right type of product that would hold everything I needed while training, yet would still remain comfortable. And that’s when it hit me. If no such product existed, why not create it myself?”

In her pursuit of the perfect exercise companion, Julie tried most every product on the market but found each to be lacking. Some were too bulky, others too constricting while many more simply did not offer the room needed for the necessities of the modern runner. Ever proactive, Julie decided to take the matter into her own hands. Returning home from a particularly disrupted workout session, she set about piecing together the prototype using nothing more than a running shirt and discarded old computer bag. Whilst this fledgling model certainly provided ample room for her phone, mp3 player and other essentials, the problem remained as to how exactly she would attach it to herself.

The answer came through an unlikely source. It was her mother who suggested that Julie use magnets to fix the bag around her body, an ingenious suggestion that would eventually become the Running Buddy’s most distinctive feature. “When I put it on,” said Julie of her early creation, “I always thought ‘There’s got to be other people who would like to have something like this.’” Unsurprisingly, she was right. Having undergone almost two years and over 1,000 miles of testing – not to mention the difficult process of getting her invention patented – Julie set about extolling the Running Biddy’s virtues to local sporting goods stores who enthusiastically agreed to stock her creation. The reception from the general public was equally encouraging, first in the Charleston area and then the wider fitness world. In a little over a year the Running Buddy had went from a bedroom project to being awarded the 2015 Product Innovation award at the 2015 International Travel Show.

So what exactly is the fitness world getting so excited about? Well, in an increasingly technology-driven age, the Running Buddy offers enough space to hold all your everyday essentials such as cell phones and mp3 player, as well as everything from your passport to asthma inhaler. The specialised Dri-fit fabric prevents excess perspiration while great detail has been taken to ensure that the Running Buddy remains comfortable and chafe-free no matter how far you choose to push it. The water-resistant inner pocket promises absolute confidence that your valuables will remain untouched throughout your workout, the additional outer mesh pocket granting extra space whilst never compromising on the breathability that the manufacturers have worked so hard to maintain. So confident is Julie in fact, that she is willing to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you have nothing to lose when purchasing this highly sought-after product.

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