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About FlipBelt

Branding itself as the ultimate fitness storage belt, the good people at Flipbelt certainly have made no bones about the quality of product they feel they offer. The Colorado based company which was started by fitness fanatic and product developer Mia Do and latterly boasted by know-how of Jessica Shealy, friend and exercise science graduate, has revolutionised the way in which gym-goers and joggers store their belongings while exercising, an all-too-common problem that has long been ignored or unsatisfactorily addressed by a few of the health industry’s more recognisable names. So what exactly does the Flipbelt do and what makes it so different from the alternatives already on the market? A look into the minds of its creator sheds a little light…

The idea arose out of the observations Miss Do made each time she went to her local gym. With the modern individual becoming ever more reliant on their collection of gadgets and gizmos, I-pods and I-phones, she saw those who were exercising struggling with belts that not only hindered their workout – whether this be through ill-fitting designs that bounced along with their movements or through the bothersome presence of belts, buckles and zippers – but were actively damaging through restricting breathing or muscle movements of the wearer. Couple this with the less than flattering styles of these antiquated designs, Do saw not only a hole in the market but a gapping wide chasm that she sought to fill. It was through this observation that the idea that would eventually be become the Flipbelt was planted.

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A keen jogger herself, she knew the keys to creating a product that was above all comfort but also the ability to stand up to the test of an active lifestyle, all the while remaining stylish enough for the increasingly fashionable demands of the health-driven customer. With the help of Shealy, the prototype was developed and they sought to introduce this embryonic version of the Flipbelt to the fitness-crazed public. But while both Do and Shealy were confident in their product, they could never have expected the reception they received when they unveiled the Flipbelt at the March 2012 Runner’s convention. “It sold out practically immediately,” said Do of her product’s firstpublic outing, “People were so excited about it. Finally they have something they can actually run with.”

So what was this revolutionary new product that has swept the fitness world by storm? The Flipbelt is a uniquely simple design, a tubular strip of micro-poly and lycra that fits snuggly round the wearer during exercise and although simple in design and practically invisible when worn beneath clothing, it is capable of storing all possible necessities anyone would need before embarking on serious workout. Large enough to hold everything from your wallet, keys and I-phone 6 yet discreet and secure enough to go unnoticed the stylishly designed Flipbelt works with the contours of your body to create an unrivalled companion to your exercise and as so many users can already attest to, really has set the standard for all other exercise belts.

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