Although it was only formed by teenager Ben Francis and a few of his high school friends in 2012, Gymshark has quickly risen to prominence and is now one of the best-known fitness brands in the world. One of the reasons for Gymshark’s popularity is its exceptional use of social media.

It uses sites such as Instagram to appeal to its core audience; young, fit individuals obsessed with looking good at all times. In essence, Gymshark is very good at selling an ‘image; but how do its products stack up against other brands on the market?

Gymshark Leggings Review

Gymshark Leggings Review

Like a majority of its customers, I found out about the Gymshark brand via social media, so I decided to find out what all the fuss was about. I should note that I am neither a fashionista nor am I a fitness fanatic. However, I do like to keep in reasonable shape and train 3-4 times a week.

Leg day is always a source of dread; mainly due to the pain you feel the following day. As such, I elected to purchase some Gymshark Compression Leggings because they can apparently ease soreness and boost recovery. I’ve tried other types of leggings, and they had an irritating habit of falling down when I trained.

To be honest, I liked the leggings from the moment I wore them because they offered a pretty flattering look right out of the gate. They are ideal for people in ‘okay’ shape and probably make trainees in great shape look incredible. Also, I was impressed by the thick and smooth fabric which seemed to take form with my legs and posterior.

I was able to exercise with no issues regarding freedom of movement and found that I could train with slightly more intensity. I made sure to keep the gym leggings on for an hour after training but didn’t wear them around the house. Nonetheless, my legs felt fine the next day.

On the downside, the leggings are a tad see-through when you squat so wear dark underwear! If you don’t like the idea of people seeing your butt, it’s best to use the leggings for running or upper body training only. Despite the seemingly durable fabric, I was surprised to find that the waistband looked a bit ragged after a few training sessions. Overall, these gym leggings are good for running and for squatting but only if you are confident in your body.

Gymshark Flex Leggings Review

Gymshark Shirt Review

To be honest, I was more concerned about how the leggings performed, but I did purchase a Gymshark Seamless Long-Sleeve T-shirt as well. I was very impressed by the fit as it was stretchy and clung nicely to my body. I carry a bit of body fat in the stomach region but this shirt was able to glide over unseemly lumps and bumps, and the high neckline ensures you don’t have to reveal too much while you train.

It isn’t really designed to enhance performance, but I did feel confident and assured while wearing it and recommend it to anyone who wants to look and feel good at the gym.

Using The Gymshark Website

In the competitive world of fitness clothing, an online store will live and die by the quality of its website. Gymshark certainly stands up well in this regard as the site is very professionally designed with ample pictures of its clothing and of course, images of maddeningly attractive and toned men and women.

If you wear Gymshark clothes, are confident in how you look and like selfies, take a picture of yourself wearing the brand and use the #GYMSHARK hashtag to have a chance of featuring on the site’s homepage.

The brand’s offerings are neatly divided into Men, Women and Accessories sections on the top left-hand corner of the page. When you hover over each one, you find a number of sub-sections including its special range which includes DRY Moisture Management, Seamless, and Legacy. To the site’s eternal credit, I found it very easy to find what I wanted to buy and the purchasing process was also a breeze.


What Do Other Gymshark Customers Say?

Naturally, I was curious to see what others said to discover if my mainly positive experience was the norm or an anomaly. What stood out for me was the gushing praise received by the company’s Customer Service personnel. To be honest, the whole experience was stress-free for me so there was no need to contact the company about any problems with the equipment (though I might have a word about the elastic waistband on the leggings!)

Other customers have been in contact with the company regarding defects in merchandise ranging from damaged bags to leggings that had holes in the seam. I was a little concerned to find that there were quite a few complaints about the leggings; maybe I got lucky! However, practically every person that contacted the Gymshark customer service team was delighted with the response, so that explains the company’s popularity I guess.

There were also a number of people who had the same concerns as me regarding the gym leggings. That is, you can’t bend over or squat because they really aren’t squat proof.


I was reasonably pleased with the quality of the clothing, but there are surely better brands when it comes to gym leggings. Since I live close to the company (in the UK), delivery was pretty quick (just 2 days after purchasing the goods). It also delivers to European nations fairly rapidly.

However, there are complaints about how long it takes to deliver stuff to the United States, Australia, and Canada, so its worldwide shipping service clearly needs work. In conclusion, I recommend Gymshark clothing although I would be somewhat wary of the leggings even though there is nothing fundamentally wrong with them. I can’t argue with the price or the quality of the delivery service.

Gymshark regularly offer discount codes for use on all of their items as well as run periodic sales throughout the year so be sure to check out our Gymshark discount code page.

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