If you are someone who perspires easily, garments capable of keeping sweat from drenching your clothes or your skin are invaluable. UnderArmour is widely regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for attire that wicks moisture, and its range features tight fitting clothing that is scarcely noticeable under your regular clothing.

The trouble with UA is the price because its quality is not in question. The company tightly controls its pricing, so you’ll hardly ever even see UA gear on sale. For reference, a simple Long Sleeve Short & Leggings combination will cost you $105 so fitting your wardrobe with UA attire will cost a fortune. Therefore, are there cheaper versions of Under Armour and if so, are they worth buying? The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘yes’! Read on to learn more about the best and cheap alternatives to Under Armour.

Why Do People Choose UnderArmour in the First Place?

There must be something special about UnderArmour that enables it to charge up to $85 for some pieces (UA Base 4.0 Crew Long Sleeve Shirt). Its base layer and cold gear ranges are especially popular (and expensive).

Base Layer

UA Base 2.0 and 4.0 clothing are highly sought after items as they provide versatile protection for colder conditions and suit people engaging in a variety of activity levels. Its 4-way stretch fabrication ensures enhanced mobility in every direction, and the Moisture Transport Systems effectively wicks moisture away from the body. Best of all, the Anti-Odor Technology prevents nasty microbes that cause odors from growing.


These clothes are specially designed for days when it is 56 Degrees Fahrenheit or below. Each UA ColdGear item includes a dual-layer fabric that wicks moisture from your skin, allows heat to circulate the body and enables you to stay warm without being forced to wear multiple layers of heavy clothing.

3 of the Best Alternatives to Under Armour

Now that you know what UA can do, it’s time to look at brands similar to UnderArmour at a lower cost.

1 – Gymshark

Gymshark’s DRY Moisture Management line is one of the best low-priced UnderArmour alternatives on the market. The company was only formed in 2012, but the brand has taken off quickly and is now a household name in the gym clothing industry. The aforementioned DRY Moisture Management innovation is the brand’s latest attempt to corner another piece of the market.

The range includes shorts, base layers, stringers and tank tops and all of its gear is well-made, comfortable and contemporary. It wicks moisture off your skin and on to the garment’s surface, so you stay comfortable and focused while you train. The clothes are made from a mix of nylon and elastane and include physique tapering and stretch fit features. While the brand has become a favorite with boxers, we believe it is an excellent UnderArmour alternative for the gym or outdoor exercising.

2 – MyProtein

MyProtein is associated with budget protein shakes, snacks and desserts but did you know it also acts as a viable alternative to UnderArmour? For example, it sells Performance Short Sleeve tops for less than $25. These clothes are made from a combination of Lycra and Viscose for extra comfort, and it allows for full range of movement.

Their clothes also mimic UnderArmour’s sweat wicking properties, and the lightweight stretch material is comfortable and barely noticeable beneath the skin. The site even sells UA Heatgear Compression shorts for approximately $20; a significant saving compared to purchases from the official website. These shorts feature the usual UA 4-way stretch fabrication and anti-odor technology in what is a value purchase. The only downside is that MyProtein’s clothing range is somewhat limited, but if you want a basic cheaper version of UnderArmour, the site is worth a visit.

3 – Pursue Fitness

Pursue Fitness
This UK based company was formed by 18-year-old Michael Hughes in 2013. His goal was to develop high-quality yet affordable gym clothing and accessories, and to date, the brand has enjoyed stunning success and now ships to approximately 150 countries around the world.

The reflective base layer and Breath Easy Tees are among Pursue Fitness’ best selling items. The base layer acts in much the same way as its UA alternative with breathable panels beneath the arms and neck. The Breath Easy Tee has two different materials; breathable stretch fit on the front and 100% polyester hex-embossed at the back. While the technology may not be as advanced as that displayed by UA, Pursue Fitness offers a reasonable alternative to UnderArmour.

Final Words

While it isn’t easy to find a high-quality cheaper version of UnderArmour, such brands do exist. We believe GymShark, MyProtein and Pursue Fitness offer excellent Base Layer and Cold Gear substitutes without making a huge dent in your wallet.

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