It turns out that wearing the best leggings for squats isn’t just a way to show off at the gym. In fact, there are numerous benefits to wearing compression clothing while working out and an increased number of serious trainees bring leggings to the gym when training their legs. Even if you don’t think they will help you in a noticeable manner, at least you get to see the fruits of your hard labor! Below, we look at 5 of the best squat proof leggings on the market.

The 5 Best Leggings for Squats – Squat Proof Leggings

1 – Gymshark

Gymshark Leggings

One of Gymshark’s best leggings for squats is its Element Baselayer offering. It is ideal for any form of training since it keeps you cool and dry while enhancing breathability. These gym leggings feature DRY moisture management technology to ensure you keep performing at a high level for longer.

The mesh paneling is designed to improve breathability and ventilation, and the smooth, lightweight material enables you to complete workouts in comfort because you’ll hardly even notice that you’re wearing it. With special ‘targeted’ ventilation and a breathable waistline, you can enjoy better endurance and power with no irritation.

2 – MyProtein

Myprotein Leggings

When you’re shopping at MyProtein for powders, supplements, and vitamins, take a look at its clothing section because it has some great low-price compression clothing. It regularly has special offers on its own brand clothing including its Women’s FT Athletic Tight gym leggings.

These extra-comfortable compression leggings have functional wicking material and an ergogenic design, so you benefit from maximum mobility during your training sessions. As well as improving your overall squatting performance, these tights feature anti-chafing flat lock seams, so you won’t have to contend with any irritations while you exercise.

3 – Underarmour

Underarmour Leggings

Although Underarmour no longer corners the market on compression clothing, it is still the brand to beat according to its advocates.  An example of its excellent squat legging range is the Authentic HeatGear Tights which offer an ultra-tight fit that almost feels like a second skin.

In true UA fashion, the tights are made from a slightly suede technical fabric which delivers outstanding support without restricting your movements. The extra-stretchy construction means you get the dual benefit of genuine compression and freedom of movement. The encased elastic waist offers a more streamlined silhouette, and UA’s Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat, so you remain dry, light and cool while you train.

4 – Pursue Fitness

Pursue Fitness Leggings

Although Pursue Fitness’ Iconic Reflective Run 2.0 Leggings are designed to help improve running performance, they are also effective gym leggings. The reflective elements are clearly designed for safety while training outdoors, but the skin-tight fit ensures breathability and unlimited movement which makes these ideal squat proof leggings.

The flat elastic waistband is an important addition as you can focus on your squat sets without worrying about discomfort and the flat seams move smoothly against the skin. These tights are made from a high-quality Polyester/Elastane blend, so durability is guaranteed.

5 – Physiq Apparel

Physiq Apparel Leggings

Physiq Apparel is another company bravely trying to take on the fitness attire giants, and it is doing a pretty good job at present. Its Neolite Breakout Tights are one of its best gym leggings options and are made from incredibly smooth combed Lycra. It is cool to the touch, so your body temperature remains regulated during difficult and intense training sessions.

Unlike lower quality tights, the Neolite brand does not ‘rise’ as you train and it is tight enough to offer a good level of support while you squat or perform other leg exercises. On top of everything else, the chic design means you’ll look great!

Why Wear Leggings At The Gym?

Although there haven’t been enough studies to offer conclusive evidence that compression clothing improves performance, early research has been extremely positive. Here is a couple of reasons why you should consider one of the best squat proof leggings mentioned above if you are intent in performing better at the gym or in your chosen sport.

1 – Faster & Better Recovery

Fitness experts continue to state that recovery is every bit as important as training. If you don’t allow your body adequate rest periods, your performance will suffer in the short, medium and long term. Improved recovery doesn’t just mean that you can train more frequently; it’s nice not to be sore all the time!

A recent study looked at trainees who wore a compression sleeve after performing bicep curls. The research found that wearing the compression attire reduced inflammation, eased soreness and sped up the return of maximal joint mobility. Okay, but what about wearing squat leggings during a training session?

2 – Improved Use of Oxygen in the Muscles

Oxygen is your muscles’ fuel source; when oxygen usage is more efficient, you can perform at a higher level for longer. A study looked at athletes that wore gym leggings while running 200 meters at different speeds around a running track. The compression clothing helped maintain power because the correct muscles were used in the activity which means more efficiency, less fatigue, and greater endurance. By now you’re thinking; ‘that’s great but how does that help me squat better?’ Keep reading!

3 – Sustained Power

Another study looked at a female volleyball team that wore compression shorts when performing vertical jumps. This action was very similar to a squat jump because they assumed a squat position before every leap. Each team member jumped 10 times with 3 seconds rest between each jump.

While the compression clothing didn’t increase their power, it did sustain it which means their last jump was almost as powerful as their first. If you are performing high repetition squats, the legs fatigue and bring an end to the set. With squat leggings, you can probably perform more repetitions thus increasing muscle mass and strength over the long term.

Final Words

Although research hasn’t yet conclusively proven the efficacy of gym leggings when it comes to boosting your performance, the early signs are exceedingly positive.

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