While you are certainly free to wear whatever you like when working out, there is nothing wrong with looking fit AND stylish when you train! Think of fashionable gym attire as your reward for training so diligently! After all, when you look good, you feel good so be bold and show off the fruits of your hard labor by investing in the best workout clothing brands.

What Should I Wear?

It isn’t enough to wear the best fitness clothing brands; you need to know the things to consider when choosing gym clothing:

Comfort: There is no sense in looking great if you feel terrible! Avoid rough fabrics that irritate the skin and be more aware of ‘fit’ than size as the best fitness clothing brands often tend to be more form fitting and smaller than regular clothes. While spandex is ‘in vogue,’ look for attire with a lower amount of it as this allows for greater range of motion when training.

Handles Moisture: Also known as ‘wicking ability,’ the best gym clothing brands dry quickly, so the nasty sweat doesn’t stick to your body. Choose a polyester/Lycra blend as these materials keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Layering: The quest for fitness is an all year round pursuit so look for brands that allow you to create a versatile wardrobe. Pick items that layer easily during the colder weather. For example, start with clothing that handles moisture then add an extra layer such as a pullover. Complete the look with a protective outer layer if you intend to train outdoors.

Keep Your Activity In Mind: All you need here is a bit of common sense. For example, loose clothing isn’t a particularly good choice for yoga while baggy pants aren’t a good choice for your Spin class. Likewise, tight pants are a real pain when trying to squat! To be on the safe side, make sure you try the best fitness clothing brands before you buy.

Embrace Technology: The best gym clothing brands typically feature anti-microbial treatments to fight odors, and some even have UV protection to combat the effects of the sun’s rays! While you might not require a synthetic material that reduces the chances of getting Lyme disease while you hike (permethrin), technologically advanced clothing often makes sense. For example, if you like to run at night, it is a good idea to invest in a glow-in-the-dark jacket for the sake of safety.

6 of the Best Gym Clothing Brands

1 – Gymshark


We believe Gymshark is the best workout clothing brand on the market at present. It offers an incredible variety of affordable gym gear for men and women with everything from basic bottoms and leggings to advanced technological breakthroughs.

Its DRY Moisture Management range is designed to wick moisture from the material as you train quickly, so you don’t need to worry about wet clothing or odors. With GymShark, high design meets technology for stylish, high-performance gym gear.

2 – UnderArmour

Under Armour

UnderArmour remains one of the most famous gym clothing brands in the world and features equipment every fitness enthusiast should have in their wardrobe. Their compression shorts are an excellent option for guys who want to show off their legs in running shorts while keeping everything in order!

As well as being extremely comfortable, UA has fitness gear for practically every occasion thanks to its extensive clothing range. Whether you fancy hiking up a mountain, playing a game of soccer, hitting the gym or sparring a few rounds in the boxing ring, UA has you covered.

3 – Nike


While many of the other best workout clothing brands have a large and sometimes garish logo on everything, Nike keeps it simple with its neat ‘Swoosh’ logo. With Nike, you get the benefit of wearing comfortable and stylish clothes without an ‘in your face’ logo distracting all and sundry!

The company likes to keep its designs relatively simple with an emphasis on performance, but you’ll still look sleek and athletic in its range. Nike offers a stunning variety of clothes, so there is no danger of NOT finding what you need and its technological advances (like Dri-Fit Clothing) are among the best around.

4 – Adidas


Although Adidas arguably made its name as a streetwear specialist, its fitness attire is still among the most sought-after in the world. Its famous ‘three stripes’ are emblazoned on all its equipment, and it offers everything from running shoes to training tops and everything in between.

It appears to specialize in soccer gear, but you can just as easily wear a pair of Adidas sweatpants and sweatshirts in the gym as on the field. Its attire is reasonably priced and fashionable which is why Adidas endures as one of the best fitness clothing brands on the planet.

5 – Reebok


You are probably aware that Reebok is one of the world’s best fitness clothing brands but did you know it is named after the ‘rhebok,’ a South African antelope? It is one of the oldest gym clothing brands in the world with over 125 years of history, and while it is no longer the world’s #1 company in its niche like in the 1980s, it is still a well-respected business.

Reebok continues to produce high-quality gear for all fitness goals and pursuits although it has narrowed its focus somewhat. It is still one of the best options for those seeking track and field equipment.

6 – MyProtein


You might be surprised to see MyProtein on the list; after all, it is a brand that sells protein shakes and fitness foods right? Yes, but the company also offers excellent quality gym clothing for low prices.

As well as offering rudimentary attire such as sweatpants and stringer vests, MyProtein sells advanced gear such as compression and baselayer clothing. You’ll even find UnderArmour clothes for a lower price than on most Internet stores. While MyProtein doesn’t sell anything unique and its range is relatively small compared to others on this list, the quality and low price makes it one of the best gym clothing brands.

What Not to Wear!

There are a few fashion faux-pas we would rather you avoid:

Onesies: While the best fitness clothing brands are linked to casual attire, onesies cross the line!

Meggings: This one is for men. ‘Meggings’ are men in leggings; the problem is that the tight clothing cinches in places other people really shouldn’t see!

Ultra Short-Shorts: Again, this type of attire is far too revealing and better suited to the beach.

Oversized Clothing: There is a difference between ‘baggy’ and ‘sloppy’ and you cross the Rubicon if you wear something that is about four sizes too big.

Smelly Outfits: No one expects you to be a personal hygiene freak in the gym, but it’s just good manners to wear a fresh outfit for every exercise session.

Final Words

The more regularly your exercise, the more important it is to invest in the best workout clothing brands. The goal is to look stylish but also to feel comfortable, dry, and cool. Also, the right gym clothes make you feel amazing so choose something that flatters your figure so you can train with confidence.

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