Most bodybuilding enthusiasts spend hours planning their training regime and their diet, but not many people bother to put much thought into what they’re going to wear to the gym. It is a mistake to assume that choosing the right bodybuilding clothing brand is all about fashion.

There are a variety of other reasons. For example, wearing workout clothing can put you in ‘the zone’ and for serious fitness enthusiasts, what they wear is an important part of their preparation. At the end of the article, we’ll outline more practical reasons but first, let’s take a look at the 5 best bodybuilding clothing brands on the market.

1 – Gymshark


Gymshark is one of the leading bodybuilding clothing brands in the UK, but it also has a global reach with 3 million social media followers across 131 countries. This is an exceptional achievement since the company was only formed in 2012 by a teenager named Ben Francis and a few of his friends. Gymshark is dedicated to producing innovative and effective gym attire for improved performance.

As well as offering the usual array of fitness clothing such as shorts, hoodies, tank tops and bottoms, Gymshark specializes in the sale of base layer compression clothing. It’s Seamless range of clothing feels like a second skin while you wear it but it is comfortable enough to allow for full freedom of movement. It’s DRY Moisture Management range is designed for hard-working trainees as it wicks sweat to keep you cool and dry.

2 – MyProtein


MyProtein is one of the surprise packages in the world of bodybuilding clothing brands. The company was officially formed in 2005 and has accelerated to the point where it is now the #1 Sports Nutrition Brand in Europe. It was primarily a brand dedicated to selling nutritional products but has expanded and now offers high-quality clothing too.

Its Pro-Tech range features a lightweight insulation shell that improves movement and durability and is made from a slim-fit, water resistant fabric that helps you look great. Other MyProtein offerings include the Performance and Essentials collections with the latter featuring low-cost bodybuilding attire.

3 – Underarmour


Underarmour is now one of the global leaders when it comes to compression clothing and high-performance bodybuilding attire. It was formed in 1996 with a prototype t-shirt and quickly became a favorite brand of athletes around the world. UA has continued to innovate and releases a new range every couple of years.

Examples of UA technology include the HeatGear and CoolSwitch lines. HeatGear regulates body temperature and wicks sweat which makes it ideal for bodybuilding in the summer. Increase your training duration with CoolSwitch as it pulls heat away from the skin and gives you a decided edge while you exercise.

4 – Pursue Fitness

Pursue Fitness

Pursue Fitness is another new bodybuilding clothing brand and was founded by then 18-year-old Michael Hughes in 2013. The Manchester, UK-based company now ships its products to 150 countries around the world and this growth has enabled the brand to release new and exciting lines of clothing.

One of its bestselling items is the Iconic Reflective Baselayer top which is perfect for aspiring bodybuilders. It feels like a second skin and includes breathable panels under the arms and neck. This compressed shirt is ideal for getting the most out of your upper body sessions.

5 – Physiq Apparel

Physiq Apparel

Physiq Apparel is a London-based bodybuilding clothing brand with a view to selling high-quality yet reasonably priced attire to fitness lovers. It began by offering basic clothing such as Shirts and Vests before expanding its range to include specialized equipment.

It’s Seamless collection is one of its most popular ranges and features short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops. The design keeps you comfortable at all times, and it wicks sweat while providing ventilation to keep you dry and cool. There is a reflective logo on the front and back to make you visible at night, and the smooth fabric feels soft against the skin.

Why is Bodybuilding Clothing so Important?

Boosts Performance

Did you know that certain attire is banned in swimming competitions because it gives competitors too great of an advantage? When it comes to bodybuilding, compression clothing can completely change the game. For instance, a compression shirt will aid upper body exercises such as the bench press while gym leggings can boost your durability as you squat.

Compression attire can even speed up the recovery process. For most bodybuilders, training is all about how much volume you can handle. With the right bodybuilding clothing brand on your side, you can train hard, recover faster and do it all over again a couple of days later with minimal soreness.

Injury Prevention & Protection

‘Go heavy or go home’ is a common refrain among bodybuilders but when you overdo it, a spell on the sidelines is the inevitable result. However, you also increase the risk of injury when you use ill-fitting or improper clothing.

For example, lots of bodybuilders have old shoulder, elbow or knee injuries because they place a lot of stress on the joints as they train. If you think a pair of old shorts and a tight fitting t-shirt will save you, think again!


Never underestimate the importance of comfort when bodybuilding. Your mind must be on the weights to have a successful training session. Expert weightlifters often speak of the ‘mind-muscle’ connection, but if you wear poorly fitting clothes that are too baggy or so tight that they chafe, you lose focus and your performance suffers.

This is why the top bodybuilding brands offer clothing made from stretchy, lightweight material. Not only do these fabrics keep you comfortable, but they also regulate your body’s temperature and wick sweat, so you don’t have to worry about creating puddles of perspiration!

Final Words

Those who are serious about exercise know that choosing the right fitness attire isn’t an afterthought. When you pick the right bodybuilding clothing brand for your needs, you benefit from improved performance, injury prevention, and comfort. As a bonus, these clothes show off all your hard work!

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